Thursday, July 07, 2005

S.E. Asia Travel log 1

Howdy all, we are officially in Thailand. We spent a massive 24+ hours travelling here. The plane was very uncomfortable and I wanted to jump out of the window, but the stewardess on Korean Airlines are very nice and very eager to keep everyone happy. We arrived in Bangkok and at first it seemed like I was still in america. Except, that all the cab drivers where touching my arms as I walked by and making comments about me being so large. I could easily crush them all and be the new king of Thailand. That is my back up plan if I get bored. Our hotel is very expensive. It is 450 baht a night. That is about ten american dollars. We decided to splurge. There actually are rooms for around 3 american dollars, but then you are pretty much sleeping in a barracks style room with a bunch of people. Apparently you can also just sleep on the street. I am having a suit custom tailored. They have a tailor shop about every fifteen feet. It is costing me about 125 american dollars. It would be less, but apparently they think it would take a lot of fabric to cover my ass. Everything has been great so far. The people are incredibly nice and all stare at me. It doesnt help matters that I shaved my head into a mohawk because I was bored. You can get a barber shop here to shave your head and face for about 75 cents. It is the good life and I might never come home.
I will try and send some pictures when I have more time. We are about to catch a flight into Cambodia to see the temples at Ankgor Wat.
Talk at you more later

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