Sunday, June 11, 2006

Goal Oriented

Goaded by Killer

I believe it is important to set goals in one's life. Otherwise you might just aimlessly wander through time with no real direction or purpose. Some goals I have accomplished, some I have not. I plan to make them come to fruition, but things don't always go as we plan. Included in the successful ones are traveling to all fifty states, visiting Europe and SouthEast Asia, I made it through nursing school, and completed a brewers apprentice program. My car is paid for, and I have no credit card debt. See, set goals and make those goals. My future goals involve, visiting every country in the world, starting my own brewing company, and quitting nursing.
Sometimes we have non-goals, these are things that we hope with all our being that they will not happen and even go to great lengths to avoid them. I have a few of these that I have successfully avoided and some that I have not been able to stop. I really don't want to live a boring life with no hope of travel and excitement, so I have remained single and have no kids. I don't want to have any limbs lost to wild animals, so I don't work as a lion tamer or wrestle bears. I have an aversion to being gang raped in a prison bathroom, so I do my best to follow the laws set forth by our society. The non-goals that I did not manage to avoid are a combination of unavoidable circumstances and just plain poor foresight on my own part. I had a goal to never live in the South again, but for the last nine months I have lived in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately my family and friends all live in this region. As much as I would like to, I can't seem to shake them. I don't accept fault on this one, but others I accept it more willingly. I had a group of non goals from way back that included, but weren't limited to, not playing with other people's bodily waste, not placing items, including my fingers, inside another person's rectum, and not having a job that makes me want to hit people in the head with a ball-peen hammer. I will take partial blame for the failure of avoiding these non-goals. I did voluntarily sign up to be a nurse, but the nursing programs should have a disclaimer making it known that these horrific tasks are unavoidable if this program is completed.
So don't be afraid to shoot for the stars. I have a goal to be President of the World. I know this probably will not happen, but just in case it does, I want to be able to say, "I always knew I could do it." With my luck, being President of the World will have a duty that includes giving a suppository to the Vice President every day, or slightly worse yet, I might have to wrestle a bear.


Liz said...

Quit acting like your sticking your finger in rectums has something to do with your being a nurse.

JLeonard said...

I also wish that nursing programs would have that disclaimer. And just counting the days 'til I can put Memphis in my rear view mirror. But as far as the rectum thing goes....I think I hate helping some goob with a urinal even worse.