Monday, June 26, 2006

Potty Mouth

A lack of intestinal fortitude by Killer

I hang out with a select group of friends. One of the primary bonds within this group is the extreme level of immaturity that permeates us all. While travelling the world with several of these friends it is not uncommon to run across food or tainted water that does not agree with one's stomach. Over the years this has created a slew of descriptions for one particular act. Everyone does it, but not everyone has so much fun talking about it.

Drop a deuce
Drop the kids off at the pool
Gave birth to a four pound, brown baby
Let the Gringo
Teach the toilet a lesson
Show the toilet who's boss
It's time for the running of the bulls
Bring the funk
The Green apple quick step
Giving back to society
Code Brown

I always appreciate new terms for this occurence so please feel free to comment in order to add to this list. If you don't know what I am talking about, you are a better person than me.


Liz said...

Considering we have a new British friend who frequently checks our blog, I would advise against using phrases like "code brown". Instead, I recommend sticking with the tried and true terms like "shart"- or whatever the English would call it.

gatey said...

drop the cache

Joey said...

Take the Browns to the Super Bowl

gatey said...

pinching a loaf

Nate' said...

I hope you are talking about taking a crap dude! Nate' Frazier

Mick C said...

Thanks Liz for not trying to offend my very British sensibilities. The word is 'Shat'. He shat, she shat, they shat!
However I have to inform you that the british are a foul nation who commit blue blooded murder of the english tongue all day every day! Not only this but we pride ourselves in the inventiveness and creativeness with which we commit such crimes against language. Indeed I have a book called "The Profanisuarus" a dictionary of swearing, if you will. My favourite entry for pooh is this: Gaseous Clay, small round clay pebbles which exit your bottom at high velocity, they sting like a bee and float like a butterfly! If I can proffer one piece of advice to anyone reading this blog, never ever, and I mean ever, take on a British person (especially scottish) in a swearing/rudness competition! You will die!
Read the Profanisaurus here: