Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reaching out across the pond

Thanks to Liz's trolling of this great blogger experience via the "next blog" button we have been exposed to a very clever blog by a gentleman residing in London. This is no easy task thanks to the millions of blogs written by high school kids residing in Japan and Singapore. Often the "next blog" button continously leads to a page filled with Hello Kitty graphics or, worse yet, it is some amateur political writer striking out to be the next Rush Limbaugh, prescription drug addiction and all.
Mick's Weird World is the blog and can be found at mickc.blogspot.com. I have also included a link on the right side of the page for those of you who are less than computer savy. It is pretty funny stuff, and as an added bonus it is written in proper English, complete with use of words like stand pipe and petrol station. It will be entertaining, as well as, educational.


Mick C said...

Thanks for the 'Big Up' Killer! As an added bonus I'm going to leave some more 'proper English' words for you to enjoy at your lesuire, either singularly or as a complete package:

Pound Sterling
Tomato (pronounced correctly)

Joey said...

Have to be honest, little upset that the word "schedule" was left off the list.