Thursday, August 25, 2005

S.E.Asia Travel log 10

Ten! Ten travel logs. This journey of ours is only is only nine weeks long, so you guys are getting an average of over a letter a week. Man, I wish I had a friend who was so good at corresponding as I am. I think everyone of you who know Chad should take a moment to reflect on how many letters he has sent out. If it is taking you a long time to count them up then you must all be from Mississippi, because it should only be about 2 at the most. I don't see how you guys can put up with him. If I knew anyone else who loved to travel as much as myself, PLUS looks so damn cute in speedos, I would dump Chad.
We have made it back to the great city of Bangkok. We survived the boat ride back from the Perhentian Islands. We were picked up by a REALLY small boat packed with about 15 people. I thought we were over crowded on the first boat, man they really know how to maximize transportation down in South East Asia. I guess when you only charge $4.00 US for a twelve hour bus ride you have the right to pack in the people with a giant shoe horn. Well, we left the islands and took a cab to the border and walked into Thailand, took a train to Hat Yai in Southern Thailand and then took a plane to Bangkok. If any of you have ever seen the movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles", if you add a boat then that is what Me and Chad did. The option is to take a train for about 19 hours up to Bangkok for about 10 dollars U.S., or take a 90 minute plane ride for about 35 dollars U.S. Most of the stinky, hippy backpackers that frequent the area probably opt to take the train in order to save money and to "keep it real". But Chad and myself are not hippy backpackers. We might stink, but we are very impatient. We have decided to stay in Bangkok for a good while longer since two of Chad's friends are here from Taiwan. I am slowly going broke, and am going to have to run to the nearest hospital straight from the plane, once back in Mississippi, to make some money.
I work with some nurse recruiters, whom are reading this, that will now be chomping at the bit to get me back to California. (Sitha)
I hope everyone is well.
PS. sorry about not sending anyone a postcard. I think they should make postcards for each place available on the internet, so I can just send you guys a link to see it. Buying the post card is no problem at all, they are sold everywhere. The tricky part is finding someplace that sells stamps, and then finding a place that has a mail box. PLUS, it also helps to have a person actually willing to look for these things.

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