Saturday, August 13, 2005

S.E.Asia Travel Log 8

Hello from Singapore. We finally made it to Singapore. It is an amazing city. It is the most westernized, you could drop it anywhere in America and it would fit right in, but with a lot more chinese food restaurants, and they will cane you if you do bad things. We spent the first day visiting the zoo area, it was great. I finally had a day without being able to notice how bad Chad smells. They also have a night time zoo, this is like a normal zoo only you walk around in near total darkness and try to spot the animals that are nocturnal, which apparently are the same ones from the day time, except they get up and pace around their respected confines. Chad and I had to fight the urge to strip down to our underwear and hide in the bushes and jump out at the other zoo patrons. The main draw back is that they would not understand why a large furry bear is hanging around with a pale hairless chimpanzee. So, we fought the urge to terrorize the locals, but it would have been so easy.
Last night we managed to find a local brewery! The beer was great and there was a huge crowd there to watch the New Zealand vs. Australia Rugby match. So we sided with the New Zealanders and had a lovely evening bashing the Aussies. The New Zealanders really enjoy Rugby. They were very into it and loved to yell, I think I want to move to New Zealand.
We have tentative plans to head back up into Malaysia tomorrow. We now have to start our long and lazy trek back up towards Bangkok. We only have 20 days left of our vacation, we are starting to feel the squeeze of real life trying to track us down and drag us back.
I have attached a photo of Me and Chad aboard the Junk, our boat we were on for four nights to scuba dive. I hope the photo is not to large for you to open. I don't have my apple computer, and I don't know how to adjust the image size with these damn Microsoft machines. You will notice my bad facial hair (no mustache), I had to cut it off to lessen the leaking of sea water into my face mask. If you can not open it, I will be sending out more photos once I get stateside and can get back to my much missed apple computer.
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