Tuesday, August 09, 2005

S.E.Asia Travel Log 7

Hello all. We are in Malaysia still, in Melaka. It is a small town on the Western Coast. There is ocean here, but we have not been anywhere near it. I think we are all oceaned out for the time being. We are heading to Singapore tomorrow and then we will spend an undetermined amount of time there. We spent a few days up in the high lands. It was good to be back n the mountains again, but you could really not see them very well. They are building lots of new buildings everywhere blocking up the scenery. It is also apparent that maybe only one group of guys are building all the buildings since they are all only about half built and they only seem to be working on one at a time. There is even a building that looks very similar to Jerry's Fish House in Mississippi. I don't know if they are branching out and opening a franchise in Malaysia, but I am suspicious. We did a hike up to see a water fall, it was not very impressive and we walked about a mile past it thinking there must be a bigger one somewhere further down. We were wrong, so we had to turn around and hike all the way back. I then did the sensible thing and went back to the guest house to rest while Chad decided to hike up the side of a mountain at about a 90 degree angle. I think he is crazy, but he thinks I am lazy so it all works out. Today we took a tour of an old Portuguese war ship. We thought it was just going to be an old ship that has been rebuilt, but we were very wrong. It turns out it is a lovely piece of Melaka/Malaysian propaganda. They basically told the story about how their booming and thriving civilization went from number one in the world to nothing thanks in equal parts to the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. So, if you see any peoples from these countries tell them thanks from Melakans, right after you kick them square in the testes.
I love Melaka
hi, it's chad--just wanted to say hi to those of you who know me and to let you know that i'm managing to survive the toxic fumes that mysteriously appear in our rooms and somehow always originate from killer's side. bye.
lies, all lies

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