Monday, March 06, 2006

A Picture is Worth the Heartache

Liz rambles:

I have no purpose with this post but to make two announcements:

1. I'm a little hammered. I had a few beverages at the local watering hole and played 18 holes of video golf- ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. The "news" is that I have been given honorary memebership in the Stone Pony VIP club- which is, honest to God- a $100 value. Although pleased to be considered such a regular that the bar is willing to wave my joining fee, this honor is a lot like winning a free 6-pack of Great Value Cola. Who gives a shit? I wouldn't pay over $20 a year for this VIP treatment because as far as I can tell, all you get is $1 bottles on Monday nights.

2. My second reason for posting is much more serious. Check out this Eddie Van Halen picture. This is killing me. I can no longer make sense of my world. He'll be shitting his own pants before the end of the week.


Killer's mom said...

whew! For a minute there I thought maybe you were having a reaaally good time and a bad hair day all at once; I actually thought that was a picture of you(just for a nano-second) I thought that was very brave of you to share that with us. Glad to find out I was wrong.

Liz said...

If I continue on the path I'm on, this may well BE in 8 years.