Friday, January 20, 2006

Motherly love makes my psychiatrist rich

My mother, who often responds to my blogs anonymously due to a lack of computer skills, rather than fear of her identity being known, responded to my last entry with reference to a Christmas gift that is meant to help with my singularity. The gift in question, since fellow blogger Liz (see link to right) has expressed an interest, is a book. "The Game, Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists" by Neil Strauss, was given to me on Christmas morn. It is a lovely book, leather bound with gold edging to the pages. It actually looks very much like a bible. I have only briefly glanced through it, since I do most of my reading at work, and the subject matter raises many eyebrows. It is not really a read-in-the-park book. Most females would probably have second thoughts about a guy reading a book on how to pick up women. Which brings me to think of a new list. What are the worst possible books to be reading while trying to pick up women. Below are my choices:
1. "The Game, Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists"
2. "How to Hypnotize a Woman in Five Easy Steps"
3. "Date Rape Drugs, The Misunderstood Ice Breaker"
4. "Life After Herpes, And Other Non-Curable STD's"
5. "Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard"
6. "Bitch Slap, The Pimps Guide to Controlling Your Women"

I personally own two of the above mentioned books. I have already mentioned number one. The other is left to your imagination.


mom said...

wht do u meen, lack of compter sklls? i:m extrmly inslted1111

Anonymous said...

all of you are need help. the thing is I don't know if their is any that can help. From reading your blogs this LIZ chick must have the hots for MR. KILLER. well the bat wing must fly sometimes.

Liz said...

Doesn't EVERY chick have the hots for Mr. Killer? And what the hell is the bat wing reference? I've seen it a couple of times. Is it scary?

Anonymous said...

If you have seen the bat wing and still talk to Killer! Then the hots you have are deeper than anyone could know. Is it scary or sexy. Tell me I've never been that close to the bat wing. What does it look like. Is it big or small. Is it white or black. Is it blue or pink. IS it slick or fuzzy! Let us know the world will not be the same until we have the answers.

Killer said...

To fully appreciate the bat wing comment you have to watch the movie "Waiting" which is coming out on DVD soon.