Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Forget Nurses, How About Organizational Development Specialists?

Liz agrees to disagree with K-Man:

So! Killer has his comfortable stretch panties in a wad because I forgot to send him a present for nurses' week? He thinks HE has it bad because his comatose patients didn't take up a flower collection or the paraplegics didn't sign a card for him with the pen someone placed between their teeth? He's mortified that no one said "thanks" after he changed the channel on their TV to the show that HE wanted to watch? I can't have pity. I DESERVE all the pity!

Where is MY thank you for all the PowerPoint presentations I've had to labor over? How come I'm not celebrated because I give my participants a break "EVERY HOUR" so that they can go and get their nicotine fix? Just one accolade for having the manuals neatly placed on the table upon their arrival might be enough to lift my spirits, but do I get that? NO. I DO NOT. Do you know how tired your ass can get from sitting down all day? I've probably got CLOTS in my legs. And do you realize how dangerous it is to surf the internet at my company? ONE person sees me on YouTube and I could get a verbal reprimand!

Killer, there is no week set aside for recognition of Organizational Development Specialists. We're the ones that have to give out the crappy nylon tote bags- we don't GET them. We provide snacks, they do not get provided. Granted, I don't have to work in an environment that smells like urine, but the spray used to clean the Dry Erase boards is LOADED with stinky chemicals.

I, for one, think that YOU should consider yourself LUCKY.

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Killer said...

Organizational development specialist? Doesn't Coporate Trainer sound professional enough. I personally want to change my title to Fecal Management Engineer.
I happen to be aware of your original position. School Teacher. So you knowingly left a position that was given a whole week of love and apples for one that held no such glory.