Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You Ungrateful Bastards

Peevishly Penned by Killer

Nurses week just ended and I received neither cards nor gifts from any of you. What is the point in having an entire week dedicated to my profession if it does not culminate in a celebration in my honor? When I worked in California we would receive useless trinkets and snacks from the hospital administration. I have many ugly hand bags, pen lights, scissors and even calculators from various hospitals. I have received nothing from this hospital in Memphis.
I realize many of you are probably thinking to yourselves, "Killer, there is no week long holiday celebrating my profession. So I don't feel to sorry for you." Well, screw you! Certain professions are so obviously under appreciated by society that they give a special week to blow smoke up their ass and pretend they are special. Teachers get a week, Secretaries only get a day, Black people get an entire month. Now, I realize being African American is not really a profession, but they do get an entire month, the shortest month, but it is still a month. I bet if you ask many African Americans they will tell you it does not feel too sincere. I doubt anyone is giving them an ugly tote bag that says, "Good Job, Black History Month 2006".
In an attempt to allow many of you to feel better about yourself I am going to officially extend Nurses week for another few days. Feel free to send all your cards, gifts or cash prizes to me. I will disperse it to the other nurses as I feel appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

ummm...I fell the love or hate. No appreciation for nurse's week, either. Actually I did get a card from my mom last weekend in honor of nurse's week, but that doesn't count b/c I have never wiped my mom's ass or taken a 3 pt assignment to cover her ass/turned a blind eye to some dirty political stuff that my mom has done.