Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rock stars come in all shapes and sizes.

Proudly proclaimed by Killer

I have never really understood why my camera has a phone, until now. This past Monday I was finally making use of one of my few days off work. I went to see the Strokes in concert. They were good, but not great. You could not really understand what the lead singer was saying, even when he was just talking between songs. I don't even know for sure if he was speaking English. It was loud, but incomprehensible.
The opening band was a interesting ensemble from Denver, I think. Their name is Apples in Stereo. They were okay, but every song sounded like another, more popular, song. We spent a good bit of their act commenting on who the lead singer looked like. The final decision was made that he looks like the gay guy from Sex in the City. Once they finished, however things got more exciting because the lead singer decided to blend into the crowd and watch the Strokes play. He walked by us right after his set. Gatewood, who was one of my concert companions, shook his hand and then yelled, "I am never washing this hand again!" He was more than a little drunk and rambunctious.
Shortly after the Strokes began playing Joey, my other musical compatriot, Got my attention and pointed out that the lead singer from Apples in Stereo had chosen us to stand beside us in order to enjoy the show. I guess he was impressed with Gatewood's apparent excitement to meet him.
I whipped out my phone and snapped off a shot of Joey, first trying to draw my attention to our new viewing partner, and then one of him celebrating the new arrival.

In case you are thinking, "hey, where is the rock star?" He is the one drinking the beer over Joey's right shoulder. His name is Robert Schneider. To be fair to Apples in Stereo, they actually were surprisingly good for an opening band. You can check out their website: and hear some of their music. It is an interesting website and also and interesting song that plays when it loads.

When they become famous Joey will be able to pull this picture out and show his grandkids. Gatewood, however who can not go more than fifteen minutes without washing his hands, has probably already ruined his only memento of this magical moment.


Joey said...

There was also the fact that most of the Apples in Stereo band members looked like other people as well. The persussionist looked like Owen Wilson/Shaggy from Scoobie Doo's love child, the guitar player looked like Kevin McDonald from the Kids in the Hall, the bass player kinda looked like Tom Petty, and the drummer reminded me of Meatloaf, which is bad in itself, but even worse if you consider the fact that the drummer was a female. Maybe that is their thing, tweaking other bands songs and working weekends as celebrity impersonators.

Killer said...

In my opinion the bass player looked a lot like Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber. I should have got a shot of the band so everyone could see.

Liz said...

Why is it that Joey still looks 16?

voodooguru said...
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Killer said...

There was a comment left by a strange entity, but then they deleted it. I don't know why.
I could use some outside input.