Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Liz Smith writes:

And another thing, who gives a CRAP about Tom Cruise and Katie Something having a baby? Seriously. This is all over the news... and I can't figure out why. There was even one headline about how Brooke Shields BEAT Tom Cruise by having her baby earlier today than he did. Battle of the torn twats. How loverly.

I do think the whole "quiet birth" thing is INSANE and therefore noteworthy, but it's interesting at the same level that stories about anerexic starlets are enthralling- Hummm. She's skinny. NEXT!

I already feel sorry for the kid. It's tough starting life off with a single mother.

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Killer said...

I love Tomkitten! I am really hoping it has two heads, or is an alien. This would totally make sense of Tom's recent behavior.