Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Re BUTT al

Liz pinches THIS off:

What the FUCK? I go away for a few days and when I return, Kim (my best friend) has, in writing, accused me of fondling nut sacks across the south and, maybe worse, being a pleasure farter. Killer, my blog partner, has blessed it. I feel so betrayed!

I do not have time to respond tonight because I've got some balls to put in my mouth and some gas to release, but I am wounded.

Even though it pains me, I give kudos to Kim. As much as I know about her it takes nerve to call me a nut sack juggler and an air-raid sprayer. I wouldn't betray her just because she thinks it's ok to do that to me, but I will drop a word of warning to Kim. One word. Sascrotch.


Kim said...

Oh lord, here we go with the Sascrotch comments again. Just because I have muff to my knees is no reason to call me Sascrotch. Gosh, Liz. That's harsh.

Killer said...

I did not give Kim my blessings to talk about your fondling of nut sacks. Nor did I ever talk about you flatulencing. All my discussions have been of my own testicles and gas.
I would also like to mention I do not wish to hear any more about Kim's unfortunate groin hair.

othur-me said...

You guys talk like farting, nut bobbling, and Giant Beaver Syndrome are BAD things?

Kim said...

Are you making fun of people with GBS? It can be a true handicap. I haven't been able to wear daisy dukes in 10 years. Your donations would are greatly appreciated... any old hair removal devices or crotch balm or medication, such as Beaver-B-Gone, would be appreciated. Hell, a rusty razor would do the trick. I've learned to live with it. If only the public could.

othur-me said...

I'm not making fun of it, I'm admiring it.