Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What I learned from T.V. at 4am

Shared with inquiring minds by Killer

Late night T.V. can be very informative. The following are things gleamed from my television at 4am..

Fact one: Source, Animal Planet
The Skipper caterpillar can fire it's own feces up to five feet. There is some debate among entomologists as to the purpose of this. My personal opinion is, they do it because they can.

Fact two: Source, Paid Programming
If I order now, I can, not only, receive Girls Gone Wild: Sexy Sorority Sweethearts, but also get Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Rush, absolutely free. My personal opinion is, apparently girls will do anything for a free t shirt. Note to self: Must carry extra t shirts when going to bars.

Fact three: Source, Cinemax
The Dukes of hazard is, without doubt, the worst movie ever made. The combination of Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville, and Burt Reynolds should be forever banned from occurring on any media source. Not films, T.V., not even on paper. My personal opinion is, This might be the final proof needed that our once great society is on an unstoppable downward slide. For Rome it was vomitoriums, for America, $80,000,000 domestic gross for Dukes of hazard.

Fact four: Source, CNN
A recent Harris Poll listed the most prestigious professions. The top three, in order, are: Firefighter, Doctor, and Nurse. There was a category to be chosen for each called, "Hardly any prestige at all. 3% of all those asked listed nursing in this category. My personal opinion is, upon further investigation you will find that 3% of all those asked actually were nurses.


othur-me said...

Once after a bad experience at Taco Bell I think I may have temporarily turned into a skipper caterpiller.

Killer said...

I think the skipper caterpillar might actually be found in the Nacho Bell Grande.

othur-me said...

I don't think that's the only insect you're likely to find in the Nacho Bell Grande.

Mick C said...

It's now 4 am and by coincidence I'm reading this blog entry. I'm watching a music channel and have just seen Nelly Furtado's new video Promis....primiscuous...pimiscious....SLUT, for the forty fifth time today. Now there's some kids on dancing about, pretending to be adults. Is that cute? I think not, let's see one of them with manic deppression, money worries and pancreal cancer. Then we'll see how great it is being an adult.

I just get fucking mean at this time in the morning. Time for bed!

Anonymous said...

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