Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wolfmother concert = Worst Hair Ever

Spotted by Killer

If I am going to continue posting pictures from concerts I really need to start taking a real camera. My camera phone is not cutting the mustard.
Gatewood, Disco Stu and myself spent another glorious evening catching some high level musical talent downtown at the New Daisy theater.
The opening band was an Aussie band named "Messhall". I like the new minimalist approach of only having two people in a band (see White Stripes, Black Keys, etc.) it has to make the profit margins better. As for band names, "Messhall" ranks pretty high on the list of bad ones. (#1 worst band name of all times: "Hoobastank") This band had the unique attribute that once I initially heard them they sounded pretty good, but oddly enough the longer they played the worse it got. I really think they were only picked because: A. They are Australian like the headliner. B. The drummer has an afro like the lead singer of the headliner. (Afro, Australian for hair)

The headliner was the band "Wolfmother". I give them credit for a bad band name that is so off the wall that it becomes cool. They really do rock out, but tend to be a little heavy handed on the guitar solos. A majority of their songs start with a mellow almost classical lead in, and then WHAM they rock you when you least expect it. However, when every song does that you really do start to expect it. It becomes almost like watching a little kid blow up a balloon. You see it getting bigger and bigger and then you can not keep from squinting your eyes, because you know it is going to explode any second and, although no one has ever been injured from a popping balloon, you don't want to be the first. That is what every song was like.
I would kill something in a sacrificial manner if I could make this next picture turn out better. This is probably the worst hair cut I have ever seen in person, and I live in Mississippi where people still where mullets without an inch of tongue in cheek.
This guy was working the sound for Wolfmother. We tried to think of some way to surreptitiously snap a few shots, but due to poor lighting it was not working out. Finally Gatewood just said, "fuck it" and walked right up to him and after a compliment of the hair asked to take a picture with him. Not only did the guy love the idea, he even turned the house lights up so we could get a better shot. You can not get a really good overall image from the crappy camera phone shot, but it is a perfect bastardization of the Joe Dirt, super mullet and a mangy dreadlocked wookie.
I love this guy for rockin' 100% of the time. He even threw up the rockin' "horns of Satan" sign to show that no matter when or where he is ready to rock!
Gatewood threw the rockin' "horns of Satan" because he is a poser.


othur-me said...

Horns of Satan? I always thought people Metallica concerts were making cute little bunny hand puppets at the band to cheer them up because they always looked so serious.

"Rock on dude! And remember to keep smiling!"

Killer said...

Unfortunately this picture looks even worse if you have a bad computer monitor. When I look at this post at work it looks like maybe Gatewood and the Joe Dirt/Wookie Roadie are making out. That is a whole different picture that I am saving for a furture posting.

chad said...

hey k-man, if you cared enough to visit me over here in tw, i'd show you some bad haircuts. the things the kids do to their hair over here!
and by the way, i've just now been catching up on the blog and wanted to set the record straight. if i am nothing else, i am a connossieur of flatulence, so i say with all confidence that killer's accoustics are unparalleled. those of you who say otherwise are either under-exposed to his biscuit-floating or, you're just idiots.
did i spell connossieur right? damn those french bastards!

Killer said...

THANK YOU! Finally someone who is willing to come forward and give praise where it is due. My true friends are coming forth.
And, no you did not spell conniseur correctly, but I had the benefit of looking it up.
Over exposure to noxious fumes can have long term effects.

Liz said...

I once knew a cancer patient that wore a wig after his chemo treatments. I shit you not, he elected for a wig that looked almost just like this dude's head of hair, but more mullettized.

Nice posts, too. You're back to being entertaining instead of talking about farts. There is a God.

gatey said...

finally...three blogs in two life has meaning again...thanks.

matt "definitely not a poser" gatewood

p.s. i'm totally a poser.

Kim said...

I believe it was me that mentioned Killer's less than par (would that be bogey or birdie?) farts. Although I am quite idiotic most of the time, this comment was made not based on exposure but on a conversation had that included two Bradys amongst a few others. I could swear that one of those Bradys mentioned that Killer's acoustics could use a little more amps. I am probably totally wrong, I just remember being suprised that with Killer's touted flatulence, there was no sound to compliment the lingering.

Kim said...

Wait - let me correct that last post in case I offend someone. I didn't mean to imply that Killer only lets SBD's. I mean that maybe the sound does not match the potency of the scent. This is all I can say of the matter - or non-matter. Wish I could say, "Killer, you'll have to just fart in my prescence and let me be the judge." But I won't. I'll say this - Killer, you'll have to fart in Liz's presence, then I can hear all about it.

Liz said...


He has farted in my presence. Why do you think I'm so tainted on the subject?