Thursday, February 23, 2006

He Said, She Said

This is the biggest commitment I've ever made to a man.

I have agreed to join my blogging with the blog of another. This union, this merger is epic. No more are we like Martha and the Donald- competing in similar format. We are the hip version of Mary Matlin and James Carville. We are now one.

Killer, I think a tear just fell from my frigid-bitch face.

I would use this introductory post to to tell your family, I mean readers, sorid stories about you from your college and post-college years, but I think they know everything, so that would just be taking up valuable space on your blog. Instead, let's read about ME!

Let me first show your family a picture, since they all have met me and all find me extremely forgettable.

Now- for the story of how I got here.

I had, what some considered, my own entertaining venture- spawned and inspired by the very blog I post to tonight- Killer Rants. I was rather candid on my blog and told stories that involved a deck of nude men playing cards, a hairdresser that offered up her man for my pleasure, and a list of things that I think make you an asshole. Unfortunately, news of my blog spread about my work like wildfire and soon HR was reading. Not that I'm a pussy, but I do have aspirations of one day moving up in the company. Once I heard that HR was taking guesses at which co-workers I was referring to in my own rants, I felt it prudent to bail.

I would like to formally thank you, Killer, for allowing me to be the Garfunkel to your Simon. I look forward to being part of this piece of your world. I think we'll make a wonderful team.

By the way, I always post in Verdana font- small. I also use spell check, but if I've misspelled a word so badly it doesn't show as a replacement option, I leave it in.

If you don't like it, I suggest that you get your own damn blog.



Killer said...

Welcome Liz,
I got dibs on being Mary Matlin. I think you would look cute bald.

RAY said...

Who's the hottie? She's cute. I've got no idea who Mary Matlin would be. I never have meet Liz. Baldness is for the big men not hotties. By the way my B-Day is around the corner. start saving now? Will liz be reading or writing from this blog if not please show her blog address. Chris said that it was a trip.

mom said...

welcome Liz; don't feel bad about us not remembering you; I only recognize my own kids because they have their names written on the bottom of their feet with indelible ink...or is that inedible ink? I will miss Jeffery87 though.

Killer said...

I think Liz is Jeffery 87, just to stir up a rap industry-like beef.