Saturday, August 19, 2006

Costa Rica Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words. Some you don't want to hear. By Killer

The return to civilization has been unwelcome and harsh, but I have to persevere for the sake of the next trip. Here are a couple of the photos of our journey. The first is an example of how a great backdrop can make even the ugliest of trios look good. The second is an example of how, with even a small change in the foreground, the beautiful scenery is ruined.
You can see more pictures of the trip by clicking on the Travel Photo link on the right side of the page. It contains shots from all of our world exploratory adventures. I can not promise you will not see my ass again.

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Anonymous said...

These 2 photos should be the front and back cover for the TI newletter. Maybe for the last issue that you will be there could hand it out the morning after your last shift. Ask people to "kiss it."