Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mississippi-California Blogger Summit

Sorry it has taken so long to post my side of the story, but I have been enjoying the beach in San Diego and am now on the road towards Mississippi.

So, this past Friday I finally got to meet some more peeps off Ye Ole Blog Roll. I drove from Sacramento towards the Bay area to hang out with the following:
I also got to meet Dan, the code-savant, and Celeste, who lives with Jester and UMB.
You can see pics of the first few moments of this adventure at here at Jester's site. I am not sure why I did not break out my camera, but Jester got plenty of pics, hopefully he will post more eventually.

It is always interesting meeting fellow bloggers. You are never really sure what to expect. Liz and I had discussed, in depth, what we thought Jester and Othurme would dress like. Liz had Jester nailed as a khaki pants and sandals kind of guy, but was way off on her belief that Othurme would be wearing at least one article of clothing that was stone washed. I will only admit to being mocked by Jester for thinking he would be more "metro-sexual". Apparently I just came across as stereotyping, and was informed that a homosexual can't really be called metro-sexual. I could only hope that they had secretly assumed I would arrive wearing over-alls with no shirt and driving the truck from the Beverly Hillbillies.

On top of meeting them for the first time, I was actually meeting them at Jester and UMB's house. There was going to be no hiding for these guys. I was going to see all their dirty secrets. I was immediately stunned by the amount of livestock that reside in that one house. There were several dogs, some birds, a couple of lizards, and maybe a cat (I can't remember). I kept waiting for an ostrich to go strutting by the back porch. Apparently they are animal lovers.

I arrived early to go over a web design project Jester and Dan are putting together for me. Hopefully it will be ready and operational by the end of the week, and the whole world will get to see the amazing work they can do. I'll keep everyone updated on that.

Shortly after the nerdy geek stuff was out of the way, Othurme showed up and the real party could begin.

We went to eat at a brewery, since it is known that I am a beer geek and they are good hosts.

Dinner was normal and fun. I could easily see myself hanging out with all these guys on a regular basis. Everyone was funny, but not overbearing. It felt very comfortable and no one was over the top or trying to dominate the evening.

The end of dinner discussion was, "what do we do now?" The options were to go back to Jester's animal kingdom and chill with a few more beers or go to a club that they usually frequent and do things up right.

Othurme quickly voted for the low key home plan and Jester was all about going out to the club. So, it fell to me, the "guest" to decide. Usually I am all about keeping it real at the house. I am not really a loud, dance club type person, but it is a special occasion and I was still on a night schedule. So, I opted for the club. You can acutually see Othurme's real time reaction here: at Jester's site.

The club turned out to be a gay club.

I have no problem with gay people or gay clubs. Hell some of my best friends are gay. By best friends, I mean I know a few. I don't mean "know" in the biblical sense. Seriously, I used to go to a few in Mississippi. It is a little known fact that a lot of hot straight chicks go to gay bars, and you can usually get a really good conversation going before they realize that you are not gay, and are trying to get into their pants.

The bar was about thirty minutes away from where Jester lived. I always thought that you could throw a rock any where in California and it would bounce off a dozen gay bars, but apparently, outside of San Francisco, you have to work for it.

After being at the bar for a few moments I was offended. Not by the abundance of gay people, but by the fact that no one seemed to be checking me out. I easily fall into the "bear" category and I have a self image of myself as irresistable to the gay community. Having lost a good bit of weight recently, I might have lost too much, but I think it was just really a straight bar and Jester was embarassed about hanging out with straight people, so he lied to us about it's gayness. I don't blame him. It must be embarassing to be seen out with a couple of straight guys.

Or atleast a couple of guys in total denial about their gayness.


hellohahanarf said...

glad you had a good time. jester is an amazing him!

all i know is, someone had better post more pictures!

Roadchick said...

Um. . . hate to be the one to break it to you, but your balls? Are actually eggs. And were actually referred to as "huevos" by another commenter.

Was that your feminine side showing or is there something you want to tell us???


Mel Francis said...

if I were a gay guy, I would totally check you out.

othurme said...

You know gay people?

Liz said...

Wonderful account of the events! Much better than the, "It was fun. They're cool. They could hang with our friends in Mississippi." summary you gave me!

knicksgrl0917 said...

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josiecat said...

so happy to see you are having a good time. after all the time you spent working here in sactown you needed some good times.

dr jackson is loving the coffee corner, brought him an insulated mug (with room for a straw) and we are currently drinking the peaberry. yum.

you would not believe the night we had starting midnight on friday the 13th, while you were sipping brew, we coded 6 yes 6 patients in the unit (one of them twice.
have you ever in your career had 7 codes in one shift?
me and a bunch of folks speaking a different language? yeah that went over well even with me fully medicated. really missed you that night!

oh and ditto to the comment from mel fancis. lol

gatey said...

Dude....not to go all jester on you, but damn man you are looking good.

so the question we all know, you are a hirsute the other day i was talking to a friend (who checks out your blog from time to time) and I told her of your recent weight loss....she posed an excellent question....she asked how hairy must you possibly now be with the same number of hair follicles spread over a smaller space?

anyway, keep up the good work...any interest in seeing Ben Kweller on 8/23? Disco is likely in...and BK is one of the top acts I have yet to see live...

Jester said...

wait wait wait....

what does gatey mean by "go all jester on you!?"

You totally would have been hit on if you hadn't been so cozy in the corner with Othurme.

You guys make a cute couple.

Daniel said...

Killer even though I am not into bears you were totally hot. You are a good looking guy. I find it hard to believe no one checked you out at 1220.

Babybull40 said...

More pictures of you at a gay or not gay club.. they have clubs there for gays...? lol

erjunkie said...

Killer looked like you had a great time and nice watch by the way...had to find mine to make sure you didn't lift it!

Churlita said...

Maybe they were all being really discreet when they were checking you out and you just didn't notice.

Killer said...

I agree Jester was awesome, and yes, he should post more pics.

A long time ago, my balls were ripped off in a freak industrial accident. I now have fake testicles that I can remove for cleaning. Yes, they do look like designer eggs. Thanks for pointing out my shortcomings.

Thanks for helping to ease my ego's pain.

SHHHHH!! My Mom reads this stuff.

I was going to give you an update in person, but you are always too busy. Beatch.

Oooooo, thanks for the great information. I hope you and your blog-comment-spam friends die a painful and horrific death.

Seven People!?!? After two I would just let them go..I am not a life saving machine.

Thank you for, once again, using my comments as an email/message board.
Yes, my body hair is more densley populated now that there is less land space.
Please don't try to piss off my favorite readers.

I apologize for gatey's retardedness...he is a Mississippi State Univ. Grad.
I knew I should have told Othurme to stop licking my earlobe.

Thanks, what happened to you by the way? You never showed up. You have something against gay clubs?

Jester controls all the photographic evidence.

If I could not have found my own watch like that, then yes, I would have lifted yours. That was plan B.

What is the point in checking someone out, if you are not going to be obvious? Then again, that could be why I am still single and have 5 different restraining orders against me.

Eris said...

FINE THEN, just visit other bloggers and not loop up around my neck of the woods. I see how it is. I understand that my city sucks donkey nuts. Just know that if you had wanted to go to a gay club I totally would have taken you but now you'll never get the chance.

gatey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gatey said...

So yeah...I guess I do put notes in your comments instead of e-mailing you...I'll work on that.

Regarding my offense was meant. I love gay people. I certainly didn't mean to imply anything negative with it. I mean, I have tons of gay friends...we had a party a couple weeks ago, and there was a gay guy, a lesbian couple, an indian girl, and a black despite my Mississippi State education, I run with a pretty diverse crowd....just please don't tell Pop-pop...he would write me out of the will in a heartbeat.

So I understand you like the new Pumpkins album...are you still thinking about the...wait...dammit...did it again.

Mayren said...


You could have come thru LA area.
I would have letcha hang out Burbank/Pasadena style.

Killer said...

Sorry, I should have hit Reno.

Your party sounds like a regular United Nations round table. Big Brother is watching you.

I would have come through LA, but I figured you would probably be busy geeking out from the Harry Potter movie and the soon to be released book.