Sunday, July 01, 2007

Random Survey



I could have sworn I would have done better. I think I get a poor rating from being a in a large city (more zombies) and not owning a gun. I do own Shaun of The Dead on DVD, so that should count for something.


fringes said...

49% is hella high for surviving that kind of attack. Have you not actually watched your copy of Shaun of the Dead?

Killer said...

Thanks, I can always count on your to support me. I think I got extra points for admitting I would not drive across town to save my family.

Greg said...

I think many of us have a 49% chance of surviving an old-school zombie holocaust, but these new-fangled zombie movies have the undead moving at much faster speeds. In that case, 49% really is pretty great. Besides, anything over 50% you would have been cocky and failed to attempt to protect yourself. This way you're still nervous and you'll stay alert. Good luck!

laughingattheslut said...

In spite of the fact that being one of a handful of people to survive an apocalypse is one of my goals, I'm afraid that I only scored 36% on this test. That's probably because my dream apocalypse just involves everyone else dying, not turning into zombies.

If there are no zombies, or, after all the zombies have died, I plan to move into a library. To escape the fate of a certain Twilight Zone character, I plan to pick a library near a Lenscrafters or something like that. The library in downtown Fort Worth should do, if I can make it that far. It is right next to a mall, and they probably have an eyeglass place. If not, there's a library branch not too far from the Irving Mall, and with all the other people gone I shouldn't have any trouble crossing the street.

I guess I should go and toss the out of date canned stuff and buy some new ones.

Babybull40 said...

You Have a 43% Chance of Survival!

I have street smarts but I could only run for so long and then I would have to hole up somewhere till help arrived..I was surprised that I had a pretty good chance..

Wavemancali said...

I'm curious to know how I got 9% better than you Killer? Are you not a crack shot?

Killer said...

These new zombies are a lot more street smart than the old "brain craving" guys.

I would think the zombies would go to the libraries first, since that is where the brains are going to be.

I am not worried about running so much. Zombies are always really slow in the movies.

I think you cheated. But, I did lose points for not owning a gun, and not having much canned foods in my house. I garnered extra credit for being willing to trip Liz and/or feed her to the zombies.

Wavemancali said...

I swear I didn't cheat. I don't own a gun but I have been to a range and know I am a crack shot.

My wife is also a canned good horder so I figured I could last a few weeks without leaving.

I did retake the test answering what I thought would be the best answers and know exactly what it would take to get the 100%. My wife would tell you I'd take her out in a heartbeat so I lost no points there :)