Sunday, July 22, 2007

Southern Glory

Killer is feeling good in the neighborhood

Well, I am back South again. The accents get oddly thicker as you drive across the country on I-20. It starts out as Latino tinged English to full blown Spanglish, back to Latino and then the Southern drawl makes a gradual appearance. Finally you will find yourself reaching over several half filled jars of pickled pigs feet, paying the toothless, mullet wearing woman behind the counter for your gas and RC Cola. "Ya'll gots Cal'forny license you in the movies? Is you a fruit?"

Welcome to Mississippi.

I have enjoyed my homecoming. I got to see my new born nephew, Kade. It is amazing how much a baby grows in six months. He is already drinking beer and shooting animals with a rifle. Go Southern Genetics! I also get to spend more time with my family, mostly watching Kade try and walk. He is six months old, so the beer makes it hard for him to keep his balance.

There has been a few moments spent with my friends. I love when you are away for a long spell and then can just plop back into a conversations with old friends, as if you never left. Life is good.

I have not even thought about work. I am going to be as lazy and as shiftless as possible for a few weeks leading up to my vacation. I find the best way to enjoy a vacation is to do nothing for a long time before hand. I don't want to waste any valuable time trying to unwind from a job. I try and maximize all my vacation time vacating. After four weeks of lounging about the beaches of the Philippines I will then take about a week or so to de-vacate before attempting to find a new job. I have seen many example of people pulling a muscle or having a nervous breakdown from trying to jump right back into working after an extended vacation. I am very much in support of preventative health care, so I will take it slow when it comes to getting back to work.

When, and If, I finally feel ready I will begin the process of finding a job. Luckily, in the nursing profession that means I walk into the first hospital I see, show my nursing license, they check for a pulse, and I am hired. No rush, no fuss, it doesn't take much fancy job interviewing to shove medicine up someone's ass.

I will keep you dutifully informed of any major changes or occurences. Or I might just get drunk and try to post in drag.


JLeonard said...

Killer, glad to hear that you are back in God's country again. Will be heading back that way on August 2nd, then heading for Klamath Falls,OR for 13 weeks of hard labor. Enjoy your pre-vacation vacation. Jim

Babybull40 said...

Ya know I think you would look sooo cute drunk and in drag... But you don't have to drink.. throw on a dress and some 6 inch heels and go out for a stroll...have a blast with the pre-vacation vacation...hey who really needs a pay cheque anyways? lol

Killer said...

If you rip through Jackson, MS. let me know.

You are so right, I should not use alcohol as an excuse to dress in silky stockings and nice dresses. I can do a good job sober.
Pay checks are for suckers.

hellohahanarf said...

yay, drunken drag posts!!

looking forward to details about the long ass vacation. good for you.

Churlita said...

I blog drunk all the time. I just keep forgetting to dress in drag first. Damn.

Liz said...

I'm glad you're back too. It was good to see you yesterday and i hope we make it to the Simpsons this weekend!

Killer said...

drunken, posts are all the same, pointless.

I find it easier to get all dressed up BEFORE getting drunk. My make up always looks like shit when applied drunk.

We shall see the Simpsons if I have to kill someone to go.