Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#2 Mooseknuckle site

A quick update: We are the number 2 spot on google for mooseknuckle. Apparently the trick is to not space the words. I am not sure why, but that makes all the difference. #1 is someone named Mr. Mooseknuckle. That is going to be a hard one to beat. That would be a awful name to grow up with. I know about the need for no spaces because sitemeter tells me what people google to find me, and apparently someone used us as a valuable moose knuckle reference. Sorry about that.

Once again for the last few weeks, Liz has managed to help attract the confused, young gyno patients. That is still the most common google search that is leading people to us. Apparently if you type in gyno on google, with almost any combination of other words, we will be on the list. I guess this is a good thing, at least for us, not for the frightened young lady about to get a pap smear.

My absolute favorite google search fact is now official. Apparently if you type in "Liz likes poop" we are not only the number one site, but number two as well. The number two spot is especially important on this one since Liz likes poop.
I don't know why someone would type in Liz likes poop into google, but I could not plan that if I tried, and if that person ever comes back, thank you. Thank you very much.
I now love sitemeter's google tracking ability even more.


Natalie said...

I get really excited when I am number one or number two for something. It makes me feel like a rock star. You guys are doing well!

heather said...

you know liz is gonna read this sooner or later don't you?
she is sooo gonna owe you one. lol

Churlita said...

Would you really want to be known as Mr Mooseknuckle?

Liz said...

I hate you.

But I like poop.

Killer said...

Thank you, it feels good to be recognized for ones achievements. I think I will make a plaque for the office wall.

I am innocent. I did not search for Liz likes poop. I already knew that.

No I would not, but as a secret identity...that might be okay.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Babybull40 said...

I thought it was Dingleberry.. Mooseknuckle works though too.... he talks about his balls enough..

hellohahanarf said...

liz likes poop, not liz likes to poop.


creepy, but still interesting.