Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rubik's Cube

Rubik asks:
Do you remember how obsessed you used to be with me? Now I sit like a jilted lover, watching you delicately open your laptop and caress the keys with your fingertips. Those same fingers that once danced around my body now roll over a keyboard. You whore.
Liz treks back to 1983:
I remember telling a lie. My dad's friend, Clayton, had a rubik's cube that I peeled the stickers off of. I tried to reposition them carefully, but I was only 12 and did a sloppy job. My dad knew it was me, but he asked both me and my brother who had done it. I lied. I said I didn't know how the cube got desecrated. I stuck to the lie too. I was resolute. I could have gotten spanked, grounded, and denied water and I would have proclaimed my innocence. My dad said he simply wanted to know who had done it, no punishment would follow the confession. NOT ME! NO SIR! I stared him in the eyes and told a flat out lie.
I still feel bad about it.
I have my original rubik's cube. I came across it about a year ago and sat it out as a novelty. It's sitting right here looking at me now. I took it to a poker party and had one of the engineering savants fix it. Then a friend brought his son over and now it's all fucked up. I'll never be able to get it back to its perfect form. I know the kid had no idea how painful his game would be for me, and I guess I can always track down the savant and have it fixed again, but it's the destructive nature of humans that is the real issue. Why take a beautiful solved puzzle and ruin it?
Now, Rubik is unorganized. He looks tired and sad. Only one row, not even one side, is completed. And I haven't touched him in months. It's like I don't even love him anymore.


Babybull40 said...

Rubik is so sad.. Will he get over this feeling of despair and not receiving the love he once had..?
The drama will unfold...

Liz said...

I'm afraid he is very jealous. Plus, he has issues. Wouldn't you if your name was Rubik?

Killer said...

I want to name my first born Rubik. Rubik or Guano.

hellohahanarf said...

that damn cube about drove me to drink. had the triangle one, too. hated them both. i don't feel bad that rubik is lonely. he brought it on himself by being difficult and constantly tormenting me. bastard.

Wavemancali said...

There was actually a much better way to cheat with the Rubik's cube. If you turned a row halfway and forced another row in the opposite direction and pushed hard enough, the cube would burst into it's component parts which you could then re-assemble into their original pattern.

I considered it winning.