Friday, June 15, 2007

World Travel for All

Killer says, "Get off your ass and go see something."

I love to travel. It could also be said that I obsess about it. I am not happy unless the next trip is planned and locked in. I have been blessed with an equally obsessed travel companion, Chad. He is a professor of English and American Culture at a university in Taiwan. He has the summers off, and I can pretty much work when I want, so the stage is set for travel.

Chad, Me and Clib in Boquillas, Mexico, just across the border from Big Bend National Park, Texas

Me, Chad and my best friend Clib all started travelling in the early years of college. It started innocently enough with a four day trip to the Smokey Mountain National Park in Tennessee. It was so much fun, we immediately started taking camping trips to other National Parks around the country, every break from school. Each trip got longer and further until it culminated into a massive five week trip around the Western U.S., up through Canada and into Alaska. For that trip we also added two more travellers, Bigelow and the often mentioned, Disco.

Bigelow, Clib, Me, Disco and Chad at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Since then, Clib did the unthinkable; he grew up and got married. That left me and Chad to continue on the irresponsible lifestyle of endless travel and trying to drink beer on every continent. Although, even Clib's wedding was used as an excuse to travel.

Me, Mrs. Clib, Clib and Chad immediately after their wedding ceremony in Hawaii

People always seem amazed that we can afford to travel so much, but it doesn't really take as much as people think. I guess it depends on where your priorities are. Do you really need a large screen TV? Do you need a bigger house? Do you need two kidneys?

I began thinking about this because of an article I ran across on Yahoo. It is simply titled "Take a Year Off to Travel the World". It gives tips and pointers for anyone to stop their rat race and go see how the rest of the world does it. Trust me, the rat race is better from the spectator stand point.
Take a Year Off to Travel the World

I recommend you check out the article, then get out there. Maybe you can't take a year to sit on a beach in Thailand. A few months is awesome; I have done that. Maybe you can swing a few days to go check out Glacier National Park in Montana, Mt. Zion National Park in Utah, or Acadia National Park in Maine. I recommend all of those very much. There are many people who have lived their whole lives only a few hours from a National Park and never even visit.

I will warn you, it can become addictive.

On a side note:
My favorite national park is My Balls National Park. It is open year round and it is rarely crowded, unfortunately.
I'm sorry, the rest of the post was a little too serious.


Babybull40 said...

Those pictures are awesome... For someone that talks an awful lot about his balls and ppo isn't so bad looking.. You clean up good... I wish I could take a year off... But I would miss my little guy way too much.. When is your next trip and where will you go?

Babybull40 said...

hellohahanarf said...

now i am dreaming of that park in oregon. just gorgeous.

i love to travel, but find it so difficult leaving my two dogs. doesn't stop me, but it is difficult!

laughingattheslut said...

I've been to that park in Maine. The silly thing is that we bought a year pass for it. We were there of and on for about a month, and it just ended up being cheaper to buy the year pass.

Haven't been to Big Bend. It's a lot closer than Maine, but we just haven't got around to it yet.

About the two kidneys thing, yes you do need both of them, cause as soon as you get rid of one, something will happen to the other one, and then you spend every third day or so hooked up to a machine. Sort of hard to plan trips around that.

fringes said...

Wow...what beautiful photos.

Killer said...

Thanks, I try to avoid cleaning up.
The next trip begins in August and is to the Philippines/Indonesia.

Crater Lake is a pretty cool park. I don't own any pets for that reason.

Big Bend is amazing, It is one of the few parks that is not packed with people.

Churlita said...

Are there many places to camp at Your Balls National Park? How far in advance do we need to reserve a spot at Your Balls?

Killer said...

Thanks, I am pretty.

There are usually plenty of available camp sites at the base of the twin mountains, but there is some unattractive shrubbery.