Friday, October 06, 2006



What the hell?

I went on line to make sure that Beale Street (your neighborhood) hadn't flamed up (not in a "Fire Island" sort of way) in today's blaze. Typing in "Memphis Fire" yielded the search result below. Uh... would you please start TELLING me about things like this?

Memphis sucks way less now that I know this is available:

Fire Eater Memphis, TN - Shelby, Tennessee Fire Eater, Memphis ...
Gigmasters helps you hire professional fire eaters in the Memphis area. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or private party, you'll easily find a - 60k -
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Please? For my bachelorette party?


Killer said...

I was going to write a very clever blog about the massive fire that was downtown Memphis (four blocks from my apartment), but after deciding to see if it was "national" news, I could not find ANY mention of it on national news sources. I mean shit, five high rise buildings were on fire at the same time in Memphis and no one hears about it, but a congressman writes a porn letter to an underage employee and that is all we hear about for months.
Maybe it was the fire eaters who started the whole thing.

Greg said...

That was really surprising not to see that on the national news. It seemed pretty serious... glad to see your place didn't get torched.