Sunday, October 01, 2006

You Can...Eventually!

Sans smokes, Liz types:

I have the greatest friends. You guys have done a wonderful service and are a source of encouragement on my difficult path to being smoke free. I figured it up: even though I have slipped a couple of times, I have smoked about 400 less cigarettes than I would have if I hadn't started this anti-smoking campaign. When I type it out like that and when I consider that this is LESS than a month of not smoking, I see why I cough up black phlem every morning.

Your notes and signatures are charming. The poster hangs by my bathroom sink- so I can see it everyday. I want you to know that more than once the poster you signed has SERIOUSLY helped me make it another day. It's a very humbling thing to know that people care about you. Thanks. A lot.

I go tomorrow for the SECOND visit to the hypnotist. The first session went well, but I got a little freaked out because I felt like it was working- so I snapped myself out of it! I'm a little paranoid that he's judging me as I lay there. I'm going to ask him to look away from me tomorrow as we go in for round two. He should do whatever I say. It's costing $120 a pop!

I am also happy to report that I do NOT bark like a dog whenever the phone rings... but I have found that I speak with a British accent whenever Alan Alda comes on TV. Weird.

Thanks again. Much love, mates.


Killer said...

I am glad to offer any support. That is said with the snarkiness and smugness of a man who feels he has not a single bad habit, that is not approved of by modern society.
Keep up the good work.
You really need to secretly tape a hypno session and post a transcript.

othur-me said...

I know how hard it is...I'm going through it right now, too.

Hang in there.