Friday, October 06, 2006

Why Nobody in San Francisco has the Hiccups

Killer, hiccup free since 2003

Man is an amazing creature. We have managed to mass produce sliced bread, put a man on the moon and find an apparent cure for hiccups. That last one might just be what finally shows those aliens out there that we are worth communicating with.

Every year a group of really smart people get together and pick through all of the previous years advancements and choose the ones that at first seem funny, but really make you think, and they deem, "improbable research". They call them the Ig Nobel Prizes. The best part is, they are highly respected and the awards are presented by actual Nobel Prize winners. One of my very first blogs was about a 2005 winner, Neuticles. They are artificial testicles for dogs after they have been neutered. So this years winner in the field of medicine really has a lot to live up to.

The 2006 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine went to a doctor from the Univ of Tennessee for his case report entitled, "Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage." This ladies and Gentlemen is the start of something great. This report states that if you have hiccups you can stop them immediately by sticking a finger up your ass. This is no home remedy, this is an actual scientifically proven treatment. I can't wait for someone to ask me, "Man, how can I get rid of these hiccups?"

Everyone now has a iron clad excuse for being caught with a finger in their ass. "I had the hiccups." I just wish I had known this a couple of weeks ago.


othur-me said...

A fine example why you should slow down and take your time eating your meal when Killer is around.

chad said...

does it have to be a finger? or will certain 'instruments' work as well? (i'm asking on behalf of a friend, i swear)

Bam said...

I just tried it!!! I can't say if it works or not I was enjoying the prostate rub so much I forgot about the hiccups.

Liz said...

You know how throughout your life you'll ask questions like, "Who was the first person to realize/test/try this?" Eating a kiwi fruit is a good example of a time that this question might be appropriate.

I would really like to meet the man that discovered this hiccup cure. I would also like to know if he is anally penetrated on a regular basis- thereby giving me some insight into his discovery.

But I'm not shaking his hand.

Red said...

I think I'll stick with lemon juice.

fringes said...

Hey...I love your blog and I mean that with as many exclamation marks as you can imagine on one page. Thanks for visiting mine and for the insightful comment. I shall start preparing my seminar materials immediately.