Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, If You Say So

Killer, looking good, blogging good.

This idea sounded incredible. A website,, that after you upload a photo, it will scan your face and list all the celebrities you look like. Brilliant! Finally someone has written a program to end the debate about whether or not I look like George Clooney. George can rest easy, because apparently I don't.

I can not say the same for certain other celebrities. I will admit that I did not use my best photo, but it is my favorite. I feel it captures me at my true essence. A goof ball with a bad hair cut and a stupid grin. Yes, that is me in a nut shell.

After you see the computer generated choices you will be amazed, as I was, at the brilliance that must have gone into writing this code.

If any of the following celebrities read my blog, I apologize and would like to say I am just as surprised as you are.

To start, the top two were Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah, the bad thing is they are the closest matches on the entire list. I am flattered that a computer thinks I look this good, but I feel sorry for those gals.
The next guy is apparently a tweener pop singer. I had to google him, his name is Jesse McCartney. I don't see anything that would make us even slightly resembled. But that has nothing on Stevie Nicks.
Stevie Nicks!?! Come on, now I think this is like a online version of Punk'd.
Hulk Hogan, that one is not too far fetched, in that I have been often accused of being a pro wrestler, especially in Cambodia. SE Asian Travel log
I think Usher would probably be the person most pissed off by being accused of looking like me. He seems to be very fastidious about his appearance and image. Not like me at all.
I don't remember who the Asian guy is, but I am pretty sure that if he saw the list he would probably accuse me of being a wrestler and immediately agree with the Hulk image likeness.
Scott Bakula is probably the one I find funniest. I mean is he really a celebrity? I liked Quantum Leap just as much as the next guy, but what has he done since? I think he is probably paying to have his picture added to each scan just to still keep his image out there.

Of celebrities, this is who I usually get that I look like. Especially during "ER's" early heyday. He is Abraham Benrubi, and he played "Jerry". Actually I always think of him as "Kubiak", from "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".

I would love for someone else to try this to see if it has better results for you.

**No celebrities were harmed during the writing of this blog**


othur-me said...

Please post some audio of you singing "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" and only the Stevie parts. I will then edit together with the Tom Petty parts and then hold up your picture while listening and see how many pain killers I need to take before I believe you look anything like Steve Nicks.

Red said...

I thought that Jesse McCartney guy was Aaron Carter for a second, and I couldn't believe your luck.

gatey said... I can't post a pic...but apparently I look like Alfred Molina, Howie from the Backstreet Boys, Colin Farrell, Kanye West, Jason Lee, and Barak is a link...

So I have to say...I'm surprisingly pleased with my results...although, Alfred Molina (closest match) is a bit of a letdown, I was pleased with Colin Farrell, thought Jason Lee was cool (I've been a huge fan ever since Stealing Harvard), and can actually can kinda see the Kanye West...

By the way, here is Bakula's IMDB page...he was in a Star Trek show for several seasons and was in American Beauty...but I see that his latest project is a Quantum Leap there really a demand for this?

Bakula IMDB

mist1 said...

I am afraid to try this. I am happier not knowing.

Margaret said...

Scott Bakula not a celebrity? Are you crazy? He might be the sexiest man alive.

Liz said...

I think your results indicate that you look like Chairman Mao Zedong; isn't that the Asian guy they matched you to? Or was it William Hung?

And Margaret is right about Scott Bakula. HOT. Almost as hot as MacGyver.

Killer said...

Margaret and Liz:
Considering that a super computer with a massive amount of intelligence has decided that I am Scott Bakula are near identical, I appreciate you calling US the sexiest men alive.

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