Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sticking up for Man's Best Friend

Killer, Part time ASPCA watch dog.

Have you ever seen a dog in one of these collars. They are called Elizabethan collars and they are to prevent the dog from licking, chewing, or doing any other normal dog thing to a wound or sore. Look how unhappy this guy is.

There are several reasons this is so cruel. For one the other dogs must be brutal in making fun of this guy. It is like having to wear head gear for your braces to school. Everyone knows you can not help having to wear it, but you still look like an idiot, and I for one, would make fun of you, because basically I am an asshole.
The other, and in my opinion, much crueler reason is best felt if you put your self in this dog's shoes. This little guy has gone his whole life being able to lick himself in any place he wants. Now, for no discernible reason to him, he can not seem to get to his favorite spots. The guys might appreciate this more. I know that if I could lick myself "anywhere", but then suddenly could not, I would be very unhappy.

The next ridiculous treatment of dogs is to dress them in any clothes, especially costumes, and extra especially if it is a pretty, pink, frilly costume. You can see the misery in his eyes. I bet the main reason that dogs bite the mail man is fear that he is bringing one of these outfits from some mail order company.

This particular variety of animal cruelty is the most puzzling to me. Why would you want a bald dog? I don't know this dog personally so maybe it suffers some strange alopecia, or male pattern baldness. At first I downloaded this picture because it looked like the dog had a mullet and that is pretty funny to me, but then I realized how much this dog actually looks like Paris Hilton. Cutting your dog's hair to have a mullet is bizarre, but to cut his hair to look like Paris Hilton is just plain cruel. This dog needs to be rescued.


Liz said...

Great observations. I always thought Paris Hilton was probably a bitch.

fringes said...

Poor puppies..

othur-me said...

Can't comment right now, I'm busy licking back my eyebrows.