Monday, October 16, 2006


Liz puff, puff, passes:

I have written before about my ridiculously straight(now! Nicotine free!) lifestyle. I'm 421 months old so I guess I had to learn that there is a tipping point on the scale. Too much of anything can stop it from being pleasurable, yada yada ::grown-up speak goes here::.

This is why I love, more than ever, vivid dreams. It's my only break from reality.

Last night I had a dream that all of my co-workers started smoking. I, being morally superior to them now, encouraged them to smoke. I liked being the "good one" for a change. I did however go on a rampage when one of my co-workers was burning two at one time. WASTE! There was a saying I "over heard" from some "hippy" in college when some "friend" of his was smoking " the marijuana": "Once you're high, you ain't gone git no higher. Now you're just wastin' it."

Wise words, friends.

In my dream I was livid! How DARE my newly puffing coworkers not value the beautiful cigarette and give her the respect she deserves! The dream was so real that I woke up angry at them all this morning. Seriously pissed... so pissed I wanted a cigarette to help calm me down!

In sobering hindsight, the dream was ridiculous and fun. To be playing the role of NON SMOKER was like swapping lives with an Amish man for a day. Interesting and different, yet so real; without the pain of no electricity or untamed facial hair.

Ah dreams... the last venue for a straight laced corporate whore.

Tonight before I go to sleep I am going to really put a lot of thought into what "trip" I'd like to take tonight. I don't know what I'll settle on, but there is a 43% chance it will involve funky shoes and a muscle car.. and, if I'm especially zonked, a gaggle of midgets, all resembling the Hardy Boys.

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Killer said...

Oh the moral high ground, it is a wonderful place indeed.
I particularly enjoy giving my smoking friends a hard time as they struggle to catch their breath as we walk up stairs. I have to wait until after we rest for a while because my obesity has made me short of breath.