Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Killer Rants Personal Ads

Job Wanted: Professional Sleeper

Very qualified with over 33 years of experience.
Flexible and willing to sleep at anytime.
Rarely snore, but if you require snoring, I can improvise.
Prefer to sleep naked, but willing to comply with company dress codes.
Hard worker and willing to sleep overtime if required.
Sleeps well with others.
Will provide own pillow.
Willing to travel and/or relocate.

If interested please leave a comment. I can start immediately. Serious inquiries only please.


Joey said...

I assure you, if that position existed I would be doing it right now instead of being confined to a 8 X 10 cube.

Good luck with that and if it works out let me know what the pay is.

fringes said...

Recent photo and personal references, please. Do you spoon?

othur-me said...

That was my major in college.