Sunday, October 29, 2006

BOO! Tay. Fashion.

Liz Ghoulishly Giggles:

It's Halloween and that means it's my favorite time of year. I have already gone through almost a complete bag of candy I had bought for the neighborhood trick or treaters. Do you KNOW how good a miniature O Henry bar is? Not as good as 3 miniature O Henry bars! Note to self: Quit buying the good stuff and stick to crap no one wants to eat.

I went to a Halloween party Friday night. I would post the pictures, but I have to rely on my best friend to put them up on a picture-sharing site. This means you'll be seeing them sometime in '07. I am pleased with our choice of holiday attire. A trio of us dressed as "Gang Green". I also contemplated dressing in my work uniform and wearing extra makeup. That would have been my company whore look.

As with any Halloween party, you have some women who use this as an opportunity to slut it up in the name of "costuming". I don't have a problem with this, but it's certainly not in me to want to dress this way. There was one girl dressed as a cabbie. My cabbie outfit would have been a flannel shirt, a towel wrapped around my head, a fake mustache, dirty kakhis and a hemorrhoid pillow. She was in a skin tight yellow short outfit with a Taxi cap on her. I go for the Judge Hirsch-becomes-a-Muslim look and she vamps it up. There was a little devil there too. She was in a short black dress with a bright red wig with horns, perfectly cute makeup and boobs this close to popping out. I would have elected to paint rotting flesh on my face and wear a cape. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

The following day I went to a college football game. There were women more slutted out there than at the Halloween party... and they weren't in costume. I find it HILARIOUS that these chicks are walking around (looking like they have yet to master the art of high heels) in SKIN TIGHT dresses that should require that they wear a hair net (think about it) with their boobs literally taped together to make them more high and tight.

An interesting piece to this is that they travel in packs. I couldn't help but notice how groups of women tend to dress alike. My best friend and I sometimes do this too- always unintentionally. I don't think we stand out when this happens. It's when you have a group of 4 women walking around, each in a mini skirt with leggings, a belt sinched under their tits, and 3 inch heels on that it catches your eye. It is especially noticeable when the women vary greatly in size but not at all in clothing choice. Kim told me that I shouldn't judge people's outfits. She says it's good that people have the self-esteem to wear whatever they want to. I said to her, "That's why you're a better person than I am. I do not think those women need self-esteem at that level. Self-love can go too far."

I'd love to know the psychology behind this. Are we so close to pack animals that we have to affirm our clothing choices with our girlfriends?

Finally, I'm glad that the time changed today. Fall back. It was the first Sunday I've gotten out of bed and stayed out of bed before noon in a really, really long time. As a matter of fact, I'm going to close now so that I can go do something productive- like tape my titties together and go to the grocery store to pick up some more Halloween candy.


ambiebambie said...

you could be a slut killer for Holloween... haha.. that made me giggle..

Killer said...

Do you have that much tape at your house?

I seem to dress like a slut also for the Halloween season. I think deep down I want to be a cross dresser, but am too lazy the rest of the year.

mist1 said...

Where do you buy O Henry bars?

Veronica said...

I have enough self esteem NOT to wear whatever I want. I'd rather look good.

Margaret said...

dangly boobs make me laugh.

othur-me said...

Can't you just put one small piece of double stick tape between them to hold them together?

fringes said...

other-me has no idea how this boob taping thing works.