Monday, October 16, 2006

What Boobs Are Good For

In true she said/he said fashion, I will summarize what Killer would say to save him the effort:
  • Looking at
  • Fondling

But here's the truth of what boobs are good for:

  1. Filling up bras
  2. Crumb catching
  3. Stashing folded money
  4. Cat pillows
  5. Folded-arm holders
  6. Jiggly amusement
  7. Insulation
  8. Food for new children
  9. Erotic hugging
  10. Diverting attention away from the zit on your face
  11. Keeping your lower body dry during a rain shower
  12. A quick $16

Have I left something off the list?


Red said...

Please talk more about erotic hugging.

Killer said...

Two Words:

Chili Dog

treespotter said...

payrise. it's always good for payrise.

othur-me said...

How about temperature indication?

fringes said...

The quick $16...hilarious and true.

Greg said...

Yes, more about the erotic hugging. No chili dog, though, Killer. [shudders]

Bam said...

Natural floatation devices.......
DNA catchers.......
in your case back problems....
My favorite "strech mark inducers"....

othur-me said...

I think you guys are really finding your audience.

The posts that elicit the most reponses are when Killer talk about his balls and when Liz talks about her boobs.

Keep it up Liz!
(not so much, Killer)

Killer said...

Don't play favorites Othur-me.

othur-me said...

It's nothing personal, Killer....I'm sure your boobs are great and all....but....well, it's know.

Even with the fact that you like to sing the Cranberries at the top of your lungs, you're still not close enough to female for me.