Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm getting married... thought you should know!

A surprise from Liz:

Well, blog reader, you're hearing it first. I haven't even told my parents or my BFF yet. I'm getting married!

It feels so good to finally be able to say those words. For 35 years I've been deeply committed to my solo life and now I am finally able to say something that makes me sound "normal". This willingness to unite to another is a huge leap in my personal growth! Let me say it again. It's a big step for me: I'M GETTING MARRIED.

I don't know all the details yet. I don't know where we're getting married- I propose a surprise wedding of which I know none of the details, but he has yet to confirm that this idea is okay with him. See how I'm including him in the planning? That is so wife-ish of me.

I have some other proposals:

I'm thinking the marriage should occur prior to 2018. Even though there is no rush, I would like for my parents to know that it went down and I'm hoping they'll be here within 11 years. I don't want to wear a wedding dress. I know that I'm striving for a sense of normalcy, but I am of the belief that wedding dresses past 30 are pushing the law of decency. He may disagree with this, but I'm pretty firm on this commitment. See how I just used the word "commitment"? HUGE step.

I also have expectations about how we share household duties. Since I work and plan to continue to work, I hope he is agreeable to mopping and loading and emptying the dishwasher in addition to assuming all responsibility for lawn maintenance. Even though we won't have any kids together, being in charge of all domestic duties is truly a rigorous job, even with only two in the house. Speaking of house, I have to move. My house is only big enough for me unless he plans on keeping every single one of his belongings in the garage.

I know you're curious about the lucky groom. Ya'll would love this guy. He's thoughtful and honest, appreciates wit, is adventurous and fun-loving. Plus, he recognizes how lucky he is be my future husband. Here's a rendition of what he's going to look like. His crooked smile is so charming to me!

The fact that I don't yet have a groom is beside the point. I've made the first step: a willingness to consider that I might one day want to get married. Please join my parents in celebration.


apositivepessimist said...

Well, he certainly looks happy enough about it all.


Killer said...

Can I be the maid of honor? Kim (the BFF) is an attention whore and will probably try to steal the spotlight.

Liz said...

Not a single congratulations? I don't know how to take this!

Killer, you are in charge of the bachelorette party that will take place with me and all of my male friends.

Liz said...

So sorry, apostive, I JUST saw your "congrats". You are offically invited to the ceremony.

shanna said...

Can I be your flower girl and carry a rib bone windchime down the aisle instead of flowers? You could also give a RBW to all your guests as a wedding favor (only the cool ones of course)

Liz said...

Thank you Shanna for leaving a comment. It's very nice to hear from you! Yes. RBWCs are a great idea, as long as we can make them in the G-rage.

heather said...

words fail me.... my first thought was, dear god liz! don't do it! then ah to hell with it, go ahead as long as he's gonna be in charge of the domestic upkeep. then i saw his 'picture'. lol, love that grin! congrats on the upcoming nuptials and let us know what his name is as soon as you find out so we know what to have engraved on the crystal.

mist1 said...

Are you going to have an open bar? Because, if you are, I'd like to come to the reception. If not, where should I send this toaster oven?

chad said...

you guys are amazing. i disappear for a couple of weeks and have to spend hours catching up. i've been reading all your recent posts so as to distract me from all the boring oscar awards, and even after all this catching up, they're STILL GOING!
regarding former posts: liz, from now on, when telling any story that involves you, i will refer to you as chesty larue
killer, i posted that question as anonymous to test you. you failed.

heather said...

why the hell didn't i think of this earlier? reception at my place! i'll need a day or two to set up a menu that fits the occasion. we know the groom is going to agree to anything liz wants so liz dear, name your prefered poison and i will see to that the menu is built around it.
mist, for you the bar is ~always~ open! (even if it means some poor joe finds out the next month that his visa bill is double the norm!)

Anonymous said...

I will travel to be a part in the big affair. Let me know when and where.
What a smile on the lucky guy!

EEK said...

Let me offer my hearty congratulations. It takes real maturity to commit to the fact that you might someday, be prepared to acknowledge the possibility that you might want to be married.

I'm hoping to eventually get to that point myself.

othurme said...

Don't worry, will pass.

Mel Francis said...

Wow, am I behind on my blog reading!

Liz, I'm so proud that you have decided to take this step toward your future.

Don't worry about the groom--that's just a technicality. I'ts just like in the Field of Dreams only this time, it's a wedding theme. If you plan it--the groom will come. (However, I would suggest not planning it in the middle of a corn field, cuz the groom you get then, might be named Malachai, Issac or Job and that is never a good sign)