Sunday, February 04, 2007

Multiple Choice

The Liz Quiz:

It warms my heart to see how many of you are interested in what happened at the Killer and Liz reunion. Much like those "choose your own path" stories from sixth grade, I will let you decide:

1. When Killer showed up at Liz's house she was
a. well into her 3rd martini
b. sitting on the couch in lounge pants
c. hiding the chainsaw

2. The reunion moment included
a. two celebratory tabs of the hallucinogen LSD
b. a sideways hug
c. a rag in the kitchen soaking in chloroform

3. For dinner, the two enjoyed
a. a lovely Greek meal at a local eatery
b. a couple of Liz's famous meatball subs
c. ribs

4. After dinner, Killer made an unnecessary comment about
a. Liz's cats
b. Liz's Sandra Bullock bangs
c. Liz's choices in "art"

5. Killer hasn't posted in over 3 days because
a. he's in Memphis visiting Disco
b. he's still at Liz's and she won't give him computer access
c. he's totally incapacitated


briliantdonkey said...

I think Liz and the cats ate all the above and then stole Killers plates of each as well. AFTER incapacitating him of course. He hasn't posted cause he has since been wandering around memphis uttering 'ribs, all I wanted was ribs' over and over again.


Churlita said...

5. Killer hasn't posted in over 3 days because

D. Parts of him are Liz's new windchimes.

Jester said...

Is all of the above an option?

I happen to know that Killer is alive and well, unless Liz has been leaving comments on my site under his name...

Come to think of it, that's a definite possibility.

I think we're going to need a photo of Killer holding today's newspaper as proof that he's not really shackled to Liz's radiator in nothing but a ball gag and a leather harness.

Actually, a photo of that would be sufficient, not to mention hilarious.

Killer said...

I did indeed survive. To answer all:
Liz was in lounge pants, began the evening with the usual sideways hug, We had a lovely greek meal with Kim, I made unwanted comments on all of the choices listed, and I was indeed in Memphis hanging with Disco.

chad said...

6. Liz and Killer thoroughly disappointed their faithful blog readers by not posting their highly anticipated blog duet because:
a. they were either too drunk, too lazy, or both.
b. Liz, after what will now be forever known as 'the brown-eye incident', refused to spend another moment with Killer.
c. they suddenly found each other irresistable and spent the entire night making sweet, sweet love.

mist1 said...

Every time that you write the words lounge pants, I like you more and more.

Mel Francis said...

I'm a little disappointed that there was no choice for d. All of the above on any of your answers.