Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My talent: Making Men Cry

Babs Walters ain't got nothing on Liz:

Over beverages Sunday, Shanna suggested I become a therapist and Donna agreed I have a future in therapy. I now wish I had asked why. As I relayed this to my BFF, she reminded me that she had said the same thing less than a week ago. I deny that I have any gift for therapy, but I do like to hear other people talk and I find the human story quite interesting. As I rethink Shanna and Kim's suggestion, one thing comes to mind: I can and do often make men cry.

I think I know why I have at least one man sobbing before me every 4 months: I seem understanding.

Notice that I didn't say that I WAS understanding, I just seem understanding. There is so much about people and why they do what they do that I cannot comprehend, but I nod very well and am talented at making eye contact. This comes from my years of training during stare contests in jr. high. Thank you Mike from Ms. Cornelius's class!

Something else, too, I guess. I'm not all that judgemental. I am very opinionated, but I'm pretty good about living that whole "to each his own" philosophy. I mean, look at who I co-blog with! If I were to judge Killer by the fact that his balls are his identity, I'd be asking for prayer requests for him during my night classes. Yet, I absolve him in my heart.

I think it's a very nice compliment for your friends to say you'd make a good therapist. I told Shanna that I was way too, "Get over it and get off your ass," to make a good therapist, but in hindsight, I think she's sparked a great career thought for me. Think of all the awesome blogs I could post about men crying if I did that as my full time gig!

In all seriousness, every time I see a dude cry, I love him more- as long as he's crying for the right reason. If I'm standing there with a heavy object in my hand screaming, "GET OUT!" that's not the right time to burst into tears unless you are fully prepared to be called a whining pussy. Just an FYI.


apositivepessimist said...

Ye, I like it when blokes cry...I like it more when it's because of me. heh.

But having said that, there is a time and place for them to do it.

Usually after they have seen Killers balls. ha hah.

Killer said...

You said you would not tell anyone about my crying. Great, now you have made me cry again.

Churlita said...

I like men to be emotionally available, but I also like them to be men. I suppose there's a fine line there. The Whining Pussies would be a great band name, though.

othurme said...

This post reminds me of one time when I was looking at this flower in a meadow and right before bend over to pick it I... well I... I can't go on. I'm getting misty.

Liz said...


After your comment on the previous post, I would totally be afraid to bend over in a meadow with you.

heather said...

every female should have this talent. i know a few who have developed their talent so much it is now an art form. lol