Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Death to Vegas

Killer blogging fast before the electricity gets shut off

I made it back from Vegas. Luckily I had my plane ticket hidden so I could not try and pawn it for some extra cash. I would tell you how much I spent, but since not everyone is a single travel nurse, the amount might shock some.

I lost a lot of money trying to play Three Card Poker. It is a fun game, but the odds are really bad. We would walk around a lot of casinos for several hours trying to find a table with the lowest minimum bet, and then sit down and lose all our cash in about forty minutes.

We went out to Studio 54 one night (not my choice) and sat up top watching everyone dance. Some people are not afraid to rub genitals together in a large crowd. It is also fun watching guys hit on the gals on the dance floor and get shot down. I was really feeling sorry for one guy, he hit on my friend Cathy with the line, "I dance, it's what I'm good at. Watch my body, I know you want to look at my face, but just watch my body." She told him, "There has to be something else you are better at." He did not catch the slight. She finally had to tell him she had a 300 pound boyfriend who was very jealous, to make him go away.

After Studio 54 we played more 3 Card Poker, for some odd reason, and then drunkenly meandered back towards our hotel. After a quick stop at a 24 hour Krispy Kreme we spotted an empty craps table and decided to learn how to play. Craps is the greatest game ever. It has the best odds in Vegas, and it is surprisingly easy once you get the basics down. We managed to play for a lot longer than we did in 3 Card Poker, and everyone gets really excited when the number comes up. I highly recommend the game to everyone. I also recommend heading over to Old Town/Freemont St. to the old, run down casinos. They have cheaper limits and more fun people to watch. I think this is where old gambling games and dealers go to die. We had a little old guy working our craps table who looked like he was chewing cud the entire time. He even sneezed into his hand at one point and then spent about five minutes studying the discharge in his hand. I quit putting my poker chips in my mouth after that.

We stayed up until 7am on the Studio 54/Craps night and then the next night I was forced to stay up until almost 4am by Cathy and Corey who are much older than me, but seem better suited for not sleeping. It worked out for the best, because on the way back to the room, after a lengthy discussion on how much money we had lost, they decided to try one more shot at Wheel of Fortune slots. I ended up winning 200 smackers, and quickly cashed out. No matter how much you lose in the big picture, if you win big on your last bet it is all okay.

Needless to say, I did not clear enough winnings to quit working. I also am not going to able to pay anyone to blog for me. You are all forced to listen to me ramble on for years to come.


wreckless said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for you, but I would have been a few miles out of town-I hear that they have some good climbing there.
How do you get to travel so much?
How does your job work?

Killer said...

Wreckless, good questions.

I am a single guy, who gets paid well to travel around the country and work for hospitals who have severe staffing shortages.

I sign three to six month contracts when I want and where I want. I tend to work A LOT between January and June and spend July, August and September back packing around with my friends. I take random trips throughout the year with fellow travel nurses.

Mayren said...

OMG you have an awesome gig Killer. Congrats on the trip to Vegas. Welcome home.

heather said...

as long as you had a good time and no one is going to be getting calls from bookies offering to rearange the bones in you legs. welcome back, you were missed. (not sure by who though, lol jk)

mist1 said...

That "watch my body" line is golden.

Churlita said...

I don't gamble, because I can throw my money in the garbage right at home, but I do love going to the gambling boats on The Mississippi, jsut for the people watching. I bet Vegas would be even better for that.

Mel Francis said...

If it weren't for the all the vomiting, pooping, and random leaking bits associated with your job, I'd say you have a dream job.

I wanna have your salary but I don't wanna have to work for it...and I certainly don't wanna have to clean up after leaky orafices to get paid.

I should just get paid well to be me. I guess that means I need a sugar daddy.

Liz said...

You totally make travel nursing sound like fun. Do you think there is a need for travel teachers? Wait. They're called substitues and make something like $8 and hour.

I love Vegas. Did you see anything cool, other than grandpa snot, while you were out there?

farley said...

You should take your non-winnings and travel on over to Missoula March 24 for a fabulous party for two fabulous girls turning 30... All the cool kids are doing it.