Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If You're Stupid, Why Haven't You Called Me?

Liz, proud of her triple-digit I.Q., observes:

I often related work stories to my personal friends, but I shy away from revealing too much about my co-workers on the blog. As much as I am dying to tell you some of those stories, most of which are hilarious, I just don't think it's wise. I'm too lazy to research if I have a legal right to do this, and as tempting as it is, I don't want to cross a line on this one. I like to think that I choose my rebellions wisely.

A few nights ago a friend and I were talking about some of my most recent work observations. This spawned the idea for a website: What's My IQ? On the website you have a person's photo and profile, complete with general background information and quotes FROM as well as ABOUT that person. I imagine a database of around 50 people that you can view.

Players entering What's My IQ are free to peruse all of the profiles then, upon sufficient viewing, are able to wager "IQ Points". You enter your guess as to the person's IQ. If you're a point above or below, you don't lose points. If you hit it dead on, you earn 10 IQ points. Once you earn 100 points, you get to move to the next levels. The next levels are:
  • What's my mental disorder?
  • What's my STD?
  • How many people have I slept with?
  • What's my darkest secret?

I don't know why I think this would be fun.

Unrelated events:

I was hugged 3 times today. I don't know if I've shared with you that I have a slight aversion to hugging. It's sort of OK if there's been a death or if you're under 10, but other than that, I'd just assume keep it at a hand shake, a pat on the shoulder, or heavy petting.

After years of being shy and driving home, I've finally come into my own and can take a crap at work. I love it. I think that would belong under the "What's My Mental Disorder" category. I'm always very considerate and go far out of my way to use a seldom used restroom. Today, I was out of my usual work element and just had to go where ever I could. Luckily, this was also out of the way. BUT as I was entering the restroom, so was the custodian with her mop bucket and cleaning supplies. What would you do? Drop the kids off at the pool, search out another bathroom (even though you had very limited time) or hold it... hold it... hold it... shit on yourself?


mist1 said...

I'm not a hugger. I have a list of approved huggers. If you're not on the list, a nod of agreement will suffice. I don't high five either. It's for men and children.

Mel Francis said...

I'm a hugger. Be prepared.

And to answer the bathroom question...I would run home (3 mins away) and go to the bathroom because I only pee in public restrooms... unless it is a DIRE emergency. My husband gives me shit (lol, pun intended) about this. Says I have "ass" issues.

No. I have pooping in public issues. Completely different from ass issues.

heather said...

personally i want an iq check at the door at work. i can't tell you how many times someone has come up to me asking for 1/2 pound of turkey, i work in the friggin seafood department and the last time i checked turkeys don't swim! lol let me know if you get that game up and running, it should be good for a few laughs.

Mayren said...

I was a hugger until my innocence was shattered after high school that most people are not huggers and that hugging can now be considered so much more than just a hug, and mostly negative. That's a shame but it's what happens when people grow up.

Killer said...

I used to hug, but have an uncontrollable urge to start humping while hugging. Since there are numerous people that I am legally unable to hug anymore, I just gave up on everyone.

I love the idea for the game, especially "Guess my STD". I could stump anyone at that game.

hellohahanarf said...

i'm all touchy feely and love hugs. but only when the other person wants one...i try to avoid hugging strangers.

love the game idea. when shall i send the photo and bio??

now taking a dump in a restroom where strangers are? oh hell yeah. janitor or not, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. i ain't crapping my pants at 35 for no one.

Fishdog said...

hugs are great. the best hugs are when the other person is not a hugger and you drag it out just to feel them wriggle. that's awesome.

the male half-arm-and-shoulder-hug-handshake is the best.

touch me like ya know me!

Jester said...

I'm not a hugger, but I do enjoy the occasional crotch grope.