Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Disgusting Poop Post

Killer ruins the dreams of those around them: A post about flowers.

There are some really bad infections people can get. Some people get an infection and then wind up in the hospital, but most often people come into the hospital and wind up with an infection. Why does that happen? Well, because the people with infections are here, and that means their germs are here. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, Grandma has the clap.

Okay, so Grandma can’t catch the clap just from failure to wash hands, her catching the clap would be a different post, and I am hesitant to go into that. Instead we will talk about a more unpleasant infection, one that resides in the bowels and results in the most heinous poop ever.

C-diff is a bowel infection that causes frequent liquid/mucous stool that is characterized by a “distinct barn-yard smell”. If you are in the nursing profession and are unfortunate enough to run across a patient with this affliction, you can pretty much guarantee you will hate the whole of your shift. Lots of horrific poop to clean and no one wants to help you do it. Often one has to burn every past favor and make future promises to get some assistance.

Recently I was the lucky winner in the C-diff patient lottery. My fella was a poop, poop, poopin’ machine. I managed to trick a couple of fellow nurses into coming into the room by telling them a re-run of American Idol was on the TV. Once inside, it is a common rule that you have to stay and help.

They were struggling to hold the rather large patient while I was cleaning the offensive area. I tried to convince them to clean while I held, but they were not willing to be team players. One of the girls made the comment, “I wish poop smelled like roses.” The other girl whole heartedly agreed, and added, “I bet more people would be nurses if poop smelled like roses.”

I disagreed with this assessment and felt it my duty to destroy their rose scented dream world. I informed them that if poop smelled like roses you would have one of two scenarios.

Scenario one: Everyone enjoys the smell of shit too much. Everyone will stop flushing their toilets at home. Why buy potpourri when all you have do is feed your husband chili and leave the bathroom door open. Visitors will come by the house and say things like, “Mmmmm that is a lovely scent in here. Can your husband come take a dump at my house? We are having a party tonight.”

Scenario two: Everyone is disgusted by the smell of roses. What kind of message would it send when, for Valentines Day, you send your special lady a dozen plants that smell like something that came out of a fat guy’s ass? Would you really plant a bush in your back yard that smells like shit?

They were not happy about my raining on their parade. The rest of the clean up was pretty much in silence. They were also awfully pissed about the American Idol ruse. I guess if I get that guy back tonight I will have to think of a new ploy. Maybe a trail of M&M’s leading into my disgustingly stinky room.


laughingattheslut said...

Is C-diff what the stepmom died of on Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago?

And I was wondering if you'd ever see flesh-eating bacteria?

Killer said...


I have seen Necrotizing Fasciitis, which is often referred to as "flesh eating virus". I have seen it several times. It really stinks.
To make it really gross around here: I had a patient who had it in his ass and scrotum.

Anonymous said...

Crappy post. Ha ha
Hope you get some help!

Natalie said...

Wow that is super narsty. I hope things start to smell better for you soon.

dmarks said...

"Necrotizing Fasciitis"

That sounds like the scientific term for the condition that turns people into zombie Nazis.

Cathy said...

Yes it is what she had on Grey's Anatomy, but let me assure you it is more deadly to us nurses than to the patient. That is one lottery nobody wants to win! Don't believe everything you see on TV!

laughingattheslut said...

Killer should write a post about what happens to a guy who gets Necrotizing Fasciitis in his a** and scrotum.

othurme said...

Can I just tell you how terrified I was to click on the link in that post? Lord knows what pictures Killer might link to.

Babybull40 said...

Crap.. crap.. crap again.. got go take a crap.. not so smelling like roses today.. Funny and stinky.. you covered all your bases(asses) in this post..lol

heather said...

ewwwww, gross!
it's stuff like that that gets you your decent pay rate though. sucks all the same.

Anonymous said...

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