Sunday, May 20, 2007

395 Posts and going strong

Dear Killer,

Your goal of 400 posts this year is only 5 posts away from a reality. How shall we celebrate? Will I get a bonus for meeting your objective?

Liz says:

I am getting really lazy. Like really. Last night I had some friends over for dinner. I didn't even mop before they came over. I left the ironing board out. It's become an accessory in my home. I consider putting on pants exercise.

I am becoming a fat ball of ultra white skin, yet I have no desire to move. Am I depressed or just lazy?

It's a beautiful day and it's 11:30 in the morning. I'm not hung over and I have a very dirty car. There is opportunity here. The hedges out front really need a trim. Considering the fact that bushes seem to be monitored in my neighborhood, I should really get out there and do something about them. The inside of my house looks like a dirt ball exploded and left dust and stains all over my furniture and floor. This goes against my core being. I like things to be tidy, but I have gotten to the point where I'll let my kitchen floor get down right nasty before mopping. I kind of like to let it build up. The variety of stains and spills remind me of all the fun I've had that month in that kitchen. It looks like a Jackson Pollack painting and makes me think.

I am going to get off my ass, move into the kitchen, get one more cup of coffee, and then start my day. Probably with a nap.


Babybull40 said...

Nap and then have coffee.. or an Expresso.. that'll get you up and going in no time..Zoom zoom zoom.. there it's all done..

laughingattheslut said...

I am somewhat familar with ironing boards. Many motel rooms have them, and they are helpful when you are working on your Halloween costume.

But what is a mop?

Red said...

Jackson Pollack painting and it makes you think. That's totally hilarious. Pictures, please!

heather said...

you make it sound as if it's not normal to leave your ironing board up 24/7. why?