Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wreckless Responses

Liz gives her story, as requested (sort of):

10 years ago I was... relying on my virginity to get me into heaven.

1 year ago I was... blowing through my tax refund at a feverish pace.

5 snacks I enjoy... Is cake a snack? How about lasagna?

5 songs you know all the lyrics to...When Doves Cry, Imagine, Honky Tonk Women, Brown Eyed Girl, Pancho and Lefty

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...a million isn't really that much, so I have to choose wisely. I'd take my friends on a blow out trip, give my folks some cash, give a meaningful donation to the animal rescue league and build a great house- complete with a couple of secret rooms and a roller coaster out back.

I think I've gone over a million. Coasters are expensive.

5 bad habits...Smoking. I do that about 25 times a day. That more than covers my 5. I will add my addiction to on-line games. This is sort of new, but wastes a lot of my time. Time I could be reading, cleaning, or smoking.

5 things I like doing... With cocktails: writing, listening, watching The Office, playing board games, guys named "Raul" and/or guys that will let me call them Raul.


I don't like pressuring people. This is why I'm not in sales. If you'd like to ponder the same questions, please do so and let me know that you've chimed in by leaving that info in the comments section.


laughingattheslut said...

When I was little I thought that I was going to buy the Speelunker Cave at Six Flags and put it in the backyard.

Too bad I didn't do that. I wish someone had done that. They took out the Speelunkers and put in some Luney Tunes characters.

Poor homeless Speelunkers.

Killer said...

You're Not a Virgin!?!?

Well, I need you to please turn in your keys and return your "Killer Rants" smock and name tag.

We do not allow harlots to work here.

Anonymous said...

I love the Office too, but I haven't seen it in a while.
I love your response to the tagging part. I frequently feel bad about doing this cause it's like telling people what to do.
How did you get the Raul "fetish?"

mist1 said...

Which board games? If you say Sorry, I may be inviting myself over for game night.

You don't happen to want to challenge me to a game of Uno, do you?

Babybull40 said...

What I could do with a million bucks... A merry-go-round not a rollercoaster out back..That dizzy feeling kinda gives you a high.. a cheap high..Monopoly and Boggle are games I like to play.. Drinking and smoking are next or maybe not in that order..

laughingattheslut said...

Killer, please don't fire Liz just yet for being a harlot.

Just because she says that was a virgin ten years ago doesn't mean we are to assume that she isn't one now.

I was just assuming that anyway, but since I'm not in position to fire anybody it doesn't matter.

And I was thinking that her change in status didn't have much to do with money, so that wouldn't make her a harlot. I just thought all that beer had something to do with it. That just makes her a drunk and maybe easy, but not a harlot.

Wonder if anyone ever writes harlot on their income tax forms?

Natalie said...

A roller coaster in the yard would be awesome. First I need a yard. Those are pretty good songs to know all the words to. Scrabble Monopoly and Uno are my games of choice.

Liz said...

I am all about Pictionary. I am a pictionary playing harlot. I want that on a T-Shirt immediately.

Red said...

Ha, love the last two things on your list. Also, lack of virginity is the portal to hell, missy. Or are we just talking anal virginity?

Too far? I didn't think so.