Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blah, Meow, Blah.

Lid sez froo topped up no:

It's been a rough day in the Liz household. I am sick. I didn't feel well last Saturday, but today I am sick. Why am I reserving illness for the weekend? That, in itself, is some kind of sickness isn't it?

Leon is also sick. It appears he got whooped up on by some other cat. I would hate to see the other cat because I know Leon to be a bad ass that will take you DOWN if you so much as glance in his general direction. I took said bad ass to the vet yesterday. Diagnosis? Scratches inside the ear. Possible cat bite on the face. Yikes. I don't know if you know this or not, but a cat scratch can make you really ill- even if you're another cat. Ted Nuggent wasn't exaggerating. You can get a fever.

The problem with having a sick cat is giving medicine to the cat. Cats do not mind well and, at least my two, cannot be suckered in by disguising the medication in a "treat". A cat will puke up a pill in a heartbeat and stand beside the pile licking himself, waiting to watch you clean it up. The medicine I'm to give Leon is in a dropper. It's hot pink. Now, my walls are hot pink with coordinating hot pink splotches on the carpet.

Even worse is trying to wrangle him for the medical administration. Herding cats is not easy. When I start doing ANYTHING that signals it's admin time, he darts under the bed and perches right in the impossible to reach middle. I have to poke him out with a coat hanger. Once he's out, hes running full speed and finding a new hiding spot. Before I can even get up, he's hidden again. Repeat 12 times and that tells you the kind of day I'm having.

What happens if I mix my cold and flu meds with bourbon? Will I survive the night? At this point, that's really all I'm interested in.


mist1 said...

I'm glad you asked. I mixed my Actifed with Crown. I appear to be fine. In fact, I may do this more often. Even when I'm not sick. I like to think of this as prevention.

Killer said...

It should just make you sleep.

You should use the pink dropper and put the meds up Leon's ass. That will teach him to lose a fight.