Friday, December 08, 2006

Unwanted Skills Of My Friends

Being a friend of Killer's, I do not think his skill of being able to sense if I've shit myself is all that great. I mean, I sometimes get pretty loaded and after a night of hardcore drinking there may well be a day when Killer knows before I do that I bet on a fart... and lost. If this EVER happens, I want the courtesy minute of being able to figure it out for myself and take care, best I can, of the accident before it is BROADCAST, as I assure you it would be, to everyone within a 4 mile radius.

I have more friends with "skills" that I find totally obnoxious. Yet I love them anyway because they overlook my "skills" of making all your beer disappear and talking for hours without a taking a breath. I should have been a ventriloquist- the perfect union of my two best talents.


Anonymous said...

I am new to blogging and am going around wishing everyone a "MERRY CHRISTMAS".


Liz said...


I clicked on Granny's profile. I lauged out loud. I guess it's the profile photo that did it for me.

Anonymous said...

Based on #5 on Killer's Skill List-little old ladies grabbing crotches, I think Granny is wanting to trim Killer's tree this Christmas. She may be new to blogging, but I'll bet that's the only thing shes new at (wink, wink).

othur-me said...