Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dear Killer Rants

Killer throws down number 200.

This is the 200th post for 2006 here at Killer Rants. Not bad, considering we did not really get rolling until mid year. I think the goal for next year should be 300 posts. Hell, there are two of us, so that should not be too hard.

I thought I would take this time to dispel some misconceptions about Killer Rants that have come up over this past year.

1. Are Killer and Liz married?
No, in actuality, I have not seen Liz in person in almost a year. We talk via email on occasion, by phone rarely, but can not seem to put together some face time.
Liz and I went to the same High school and have managed to stay close through our shared bond of being non-married, non-child rearing, and still drinking like we don't have to worry about liver cirrhosis. Someday we are going to share a hospital room when we both have Hepatic encephalopathy.

2. Is Killer gay?
This one caught me off guard and was asked as a comment on Immunopressed, even though Othur-me's post had nothing to do with me, homosexuality, or anything of the sort. The answer is no, but, "not that there is anything wrong with that." I lived for a spell in the Castro district in San Francisco and I finally got to see what it was like to be a pretty girl in a bar. I was hit on quite frequently. I loved it. I was given immediate feed back on any outfit before going out to clubs. Most commonly heard remark: "OOO, look at this big bear."

3. Are Killer and Liz really the same person?
This one should probably go unanswered. A little suspense and mystery goes a long way, but since most of our regular readers are fairly literary, it would not take much to deduce we don't write alike.

4. Why do you mention your "balls" so much?
I actually did get asked this by a friend at work, who reads the blog. It was inadvertent at first, but later it became sort of a running joke with me to see how often I can work them in. They don't get enough attention, and Liz has pointed out that whenever they are discussed I get more comments. To me and my very immature friends, which is why I love them, balls is probably the funniest word ever. When we travel to foreign lands it is common to find out how to refer to your testicles in their language and use that word continuously. (IE. "I need to apply some Gold Bond to my huevos.")

Feel free to ask any questions you want in the comments section, and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.


Fringes said...

I can't think of any unanswered questions right now, but I haven't had anything to drink today. I hope this is a standing open invitation and not a one time offer.

Liz said...

And I thought this whole time we stayed close because I was so damn adorable.


Greg said...

Mmm... balls.

...I'm sorry, what?