Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Need Some Privacy

Until reading Killer's post about EEK going private, I didn't know you could lock your blog from uninvited readers. I think this is a sign from God.
Today at work we had a "technology specialist" (read DORK) come and address our group about ways we can increase communications throughout our organization. Specifically and often he mentioned blogging. Several times he asked who was familiar with blogs and then encouraged all of us to start surfing blogger to familiarize ourselves with the format.

I said too much. I said I was familiar with how to create and manage a blog. Much like Oscar's homosexuality was outed during that very uncomfortable and very funny episode of The Office, now... they all know. I am terrified.

I don't write much about work on this blog out of fear that I will be outed. Nonetheless, there are MANY things posted on this blog that I do NOT want my coworkers to know or even suspect about me. The thought of my office mates reading about my trip to the gynecologist irks me. I am especially sensitive since I know at least one asshole who will use this blog to his total advantage and totally against me. Hell, he may have already stumbled upon us, with a hard-on from anticipation that I may have said one cross word about him... just once slipped up and mentioned his name or where I work. The jig is up, friends.

Killer and I have spoken before about switching to a new blog format. It will happen. One day we will leave blogger. My request is that when we go we only take invitees with us. I don't think Killer will go for that. He is a bit of a comment whore.

Another option I have considered is a name change. Instead of Killer Rants (with Liz) it could be Killer Rants With Busty or Killer Rants With Dixie. I am going to seriously have to look at ways to totally preserve my anonymity since surfing blogs has now been handed down as a "training assignment".

I love blogging with Killer but I have to ask- IS it time for me to break loose and begin blogging under a pen name, like Anita?

A little help here would be great. What are your ideas for keeping it on the down low?


Scats O'Brien


othurme said...


Liz gets us all busted! Nice going Liz!

Just so you know, I'm actually the guy in the next cubicle over.

heather said...

too late to follow othurme's advice unfortunately. as much as i hate to say it it looks like you are gonna have to start a new blog with an entirely new name and delete this one. perhaps invite only for a while gradually adding new readers a few at a time. let me know how this turns out for you. killer has my e-mail i think, if not leave a comment at my place and i'll send it to him. think positive though liz. this is a chance to redecorate! yay! :-)

Liz said...

I KNOW but it's too late of a lesson.

And if you ARE that guy in the next cubicle over, you're getting black balled... as opposed to blu... oh, nevermind.

Liz said...

Heather, you optimist! Thanks. But I don't WANNA GO!!! I'm a little rebellious. I could start my own blog and call it "Liz Rants At the ASSHOLE In the Next Cubicle Over" and make sure I name names.

But I also need my job...

Churlita said...

I had to move my blog, because I thought my boss had found it. Weird. I just found out today that it was really some big wig in university relations who found it. He asked a woman I work with, (who has a really big mouth) for my new address. Of course, she came right to my desk to tell me all this. So much for anonymity. jeesh.

Annie said...

Ohhh, hope you don't leave us (yes, i'm selfish!) - just change your name from here on out and hope nobody finds you... maybe i'm wishfully thinking? well, you've got a link from my blog for as long as you're here! keep it up

Killer said...

I must agree that if you don't want people at work to know about the blog, then don't tell them. Simple. Elegant.

We will not be going private. I am using this blog to corrupt the youth.

Just stop talking about your vagina.

hellohahanarf said...

i just found you two so i am THRILLED that you won't be going private. apparently i enjoy reading about balls and vaginas. shhhh. don't tell my boss.

Jester said...

Uh. You ain't goin' nowhere no how missy.

You can always use the excuse that you write as a 'persona' on the blog, and fuck them if they can't take a joke.

Who wants to work for a bunch of stuck up stuffy assholes anyway?

And really, how could they possibly FIND this blog, you're not called Killer.

Create a 'dummy' blog using your name and just tell them THAT's yours. Post pictures of your cat and talk about what you had for dinner. They'll give up reading it.

Mel Francis said...

Scats, once they discover you have a blog, they will search you out until they find it.

I say, change your blogger profile name and that way there is no way they can tell it's you.

Killer Rants, now 30% Bustier.

My co-workers read my blog and frankly I don't really care. But I do care if my neighbor reads it so I have been very careful not to bitch about her. However, I'm starting a new blog very soon, dedicated only to her antics. It will be anonymous...and it will feel great.

laughingattheslut said...

Usually there is something right at the top of the post indicating if Liz is posting. I didn't see anything like that and was confused for a bit.

I was worried a bit about Killer's visit to the gynecologist.

I realize that one percent of breast cancer patients are men, so perhaps men can have other problems that I am not aware of, but still, that's not a pretty picture.

Ibatramarn said...

Liz, Busty, or whatever the name is today, please do not lock me out! I know, it may be a hard road with all the lackluster comments you may receieve at work about your's and Killer's shananagains, but some of us ne'er doers LIVE vicariously through you all. I know, I for one am lacking in the commenting section, but if I promise to do that, when you do go private, maybe you wil take me along for the ride......
And, just a thought, maybe an ANONYMOUS name would be a good idea?!?!?!?!?!

EEK said...

Nobody at work knows that I have a blog, and I'm not overly concerned about being 'outed'. As long as you don't tell anyone about it (with the vast number of blogs out there -- I hear 10,000 new ones a day?), the odds of them stumbling onto it are slim.

Here's what I do:

1) Don't tell anybody about it.
2) Try not to discuss anything work related in posts.
3) Try not to say anything in a post that could cause a real problem if it were to be discovered.

If you do that, I'd bet you could talk about your vagina all day and be safe.

fringes said...

I'm with EEK. No, not like that. Well, if she'll have me...

LC said...

Also: Is your profile on private? That could help also.

Just make a search of wherever your name was mentioned, change it to whatever you want to be called and go from there.

Oh! and don't log in/post/check from work for a while. Or make starry eyes to the IT guy. That helps.

Killer said...

Man Liz, this was a good comment turn out. We should threaten to sneak away more often.

Mayren said...

Killer - stop being a comment whore. I luv ya but geez *smile*

Liz - It's tough to regain your anonymous status once you're busted. Good luck. I know i have done it a few times but i don't have a cool partner in crime to keep in mind.

Liz said...


I have noted that your first comment boldly declared that WE were NOT going private but now that all the comments have been posted WE should have made the threat long ago? Fickle, Farting Friend... I love how you play both sides of the fence!

I appreciate the support and I really like the ideas of changing my profile (I'm going to be 28 and from Idaho) AND I like the idea of starting a true Liz page that SUCKS. Awesome suggestions. I think I'll be able to stay awhile after all!

Liz said...

Side note:

When I logged in tonight and saw there were 17 comments, I freaked! I expected them to all be from the HR Department saying, "We've known about you for a while. Pack your shit. You're out of here!" I was so relieved to see some friendly posts. Thanks! I remain a PROUD contributor to Killer Rants!

mist1 said...

The first rule of blogging is you don't talk about blogging. The second rule of blogging is you do not talk about blogging.

LC said...

Mist1 is right.

Which sucks because it's not as if it were wrong.

Blogging is the on-line cousin who is still in the closet.

It's odd that in these times where you can boldly and proudly say that you met your husband/wife on-line and were three thousand miles apart and even had to pay for him/her, one is still in fear of being dooced because you have a blog.

I like my blog. It's become a part of me. A part of me that sucks but still. It would be hard to close down the business.

By the way, THANK YOU for introducing me to yet another fantastic blog that I just began reading today (EEK).

Mayren said...

I love Mist's comment..
It's very true.
I don't even talk about my blog
with my hubby. He has the address
and he can visit whenever but I don't TALK about it to anyone.
email is ok though