Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reaching Out to EEK

One of my favorite and beloved blogging buddies has vanished. EEK (aka Expert Elephant Keeper) has switched her blog to private and I am heartbroken to not be included in the, undoubtedly, fun happenings going on inside.

Being a Google Reader user, I had noticed the lapse in recent posting, but did not realize the switch to privacy until Othurme asked if I knew what was up. And, to see if I was inside partying without him.

So, everyone else can basically ignore this post, and continue down to read Liz's post about her search for a new pimp. EEK, if you are out there, and still swing by; are you taking a hiatus due to the promotion, or are you just tired of Othurme undressing you with his eyes?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Love your blogging family


othurme said...

Was it that obvious?

Wavemancali said...

Lol, my post today was sort of dedicated to EEK as well. I was wondering she feared being dooced since her new promotion.

Liz said...

I miss EEK too.

Churlita said...

Aw. I didn't know she went covert. I'm so sad. I loved her blog.

Mel Francis said...

I'm glad you made a call out, Killer. I've been looking for EEK as well.

EEK said...

That's so kind of you guys. I've been insanely swamped with important government spy stuff (oh wait. i mean boring accounting crap.) at work. When I checked in on my blog the other day, I noticed that the template was all messed up so I switched it to 'authors view' until I could fix it.

Thank you for the kind sentiments. I'm truly touched. I'll try to remediate the issue and have it back up shortly. In the mean time, I'm still reading so keep me entertained.

fringes said...

All this fuss over nothing? You guys have been hanging out with my mom way too much.

Now I'll have to start reading EEK to see what all the panic was about.

Argh! I effing know I got that stupid word verification right the first time. When you switch from Blogger, please please leave behind this code verfication shit. Thanks.

Eau De Incognito said...

Well, many people were insulted when I took my blog private but I tried to email them all and explain that I was just taking a big ol' blogging break and no one got invited in. Maybe that is what happened to EEK, maybe they decided to just cut and chill for awhile and it wasn't personal.