Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Newlywed Blogwed Game

Jester has come up with a brilliant idea. He gave me and Liz the same questions to answer, without discussing with the other, and posted them. Liz and I have known each other for a long time, so it should have been pretty easy for us.

Check out the results at one of our favorite blogging buddy's place.



Anonymous said...

Very funny and interesting. Not too unpredictable, but fun nonetheless.
My e-mail is now up again and if you are ever traveling to GR, contact me and I'm sure the wife will let me out for eats with a friend.

Mel Francis said...

Very funny! I'm afraid the fishdog and I would fail...and we live together. LOL

Liz said...

Why do you have to say that Chad is a whore because he'd sleep with me? Ok. We're even. I said he'd be the one you slept with too.

heather said...

very fun, loved it. :-)