Monday, April 16, 2007

The Note

Liz, back in business:

I hate when a co-worker leaves me a sticky note that has an air of snideness to it. I got one such note today and it ruined my whole morning.

I take exceptional care when crafting a Post-It note. I have a variety of colors and styles, including sticky notes with thought clouds and nature scenes. Some of my Post-Its are serious but most are either very colorful or funny.
I deliberately choose a sticky that I think the receiver will enjoy. Then, I like to complete the project by matching the theme with an appropriate color of ink. That is more than office etiquette. That is caring.

Not only was today's note written with sloppy penmanship in red ink (the color of scolding) but it was written on an awkwardly cut scrap of trash paper. I'm insulted. Really. The words were idiotic enough but to dis me by using your TRASH to leave me a message? Go to Hell.

I love office supplies and I love using them in creative ways. I found this picture on the web and decided to make it my "happy thought" of the day. I hope you can tell that written on the Post-It is the name "Jade". Hilarious.

What do co-workers do with office supplies that annoys you?


gunn lino said...

They take them home, thus depriving my co-workers and I of the things we need to do whatever it is we do.
But mostly not on Friday afternoons.
Dirty bastards !

Killer said...

My co-workers shove the "office supplies" up people's ass, so I don't generally want to take that home.

Anonymous said...

Time should be considered a supply since it is finite (considering our situation while at work) and wasting it should be not only offensive but an offence worthy of getting written up.
I absolutely loathe meetings. They are ridiculous wastes of time usually where the agenda is not adhered to and people blab on about thier own personal issues related to the agenda (or maybe not!). Sorry for the rant here, but that's what drives me nuts!

LC said...

They keep them under lock here. I hate it that when I want one of the fancy pens, I have to ask for it.

I always fear I am going to be told I can't have one, like a freaking ten year old.

mist1 said...

I prefer index cards. They are color coded.

minijonb said...

I love that you show Post-It-Notes the respect they are due.

Sometimes I feel like my life is reduced to notes I write for myself on Post-Its... that then get folded in half with all my other post-it-to-do lists and stuck in my wallet until it bursts in a george costanza wallet explosion.