Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keeping the MEME Theme Alive

Killer blogging the lazy way,

For those lurkers out there who aren't down with all the hip blog lingo, MEME is like a blogging chain letter. One person blogs about a subject and then asks others to do the same.

I don't normally like to participate in MEME's, but I have been exceptionally mentally constipated this week with my writing skills. So, when Wreckless talked about his favorite places to eat in Grand Rapids, and then openly invited others to do the same, I jumped on the availability of a blogging topic.

The trouble is, I move around the country a LOT. So my list of favorite restaurants is going to be very spread out. VERY spread out.

Mackenzie River Pizza, Missoula, MT.
Organic pizza joint with a gourmet menu, an awesome local beer selection, and the world's greatest Caribbean Jerk wings. After I travelled away from Missoula, every time I came back to visit Chad, he knew exactly where I wanted to eat first. I'm not gonna say I would kill for these wings, but I have punched Chad in his junk for trying to snatch the last one.

The Stinking Rose, San Francisco, CA
One word, Garlic. This homage to the magical taste sensation uses it in EVERYTHING. And they use it a lot. I never knew how much I loved garlic until stumbling upon this Little Italy staple in San Fran. They even have garlic ice cream for desert. When people tell me they are going to San Francisco, I tell them two things: Carry a jacket, even in the summer, and eat at the Stinking Rose. Plus, it is surrounded by all the infamous porn shops, and peep shows, and that is the real San Francisco treat.

The Red Piano, Siem Reap, Cambodia
I don't know if it was the low expectations for this tiny town in Northern Cambodia, or if we were just tired of eating rice and mystery meat, but the food here was amazing. It was a strange mixture of Italian, Chinese, and Cajun. I had black pepper shrimp with pasta that was as good as any I've had state side. It was a ritzy place, so that meant a staggering eight dollars for dinner. I love South East Asia.

Kiefers, Jackson, MS
I grew up in Jackson and Kiefers was the only Greek place in town, so I assumed all gyros were this good. Once I ventured out and had other Greek food, I learned that Jackson is blessed with the best damn gyro place in the country. Considering all the downsides to Jackson, Kiefers is a shining beacon of goodness that makes me think, "maybe it ain't so bad."

The Nodding Head Brewpub, Philadelphia, PA
This kick ass brewery is hard to find, unless you know exactly where to look, but once you find it, look out, it is addictive. Awesome hand crafted beers, and they should write a book on perfect pub grub. They have an impressive collection of bobble head dolls, hence the name, and the perfect dank atmosphere that every pub needs. Me and my roommate spent so much time here drinking beer and playing Golden Tee Golf, that they should have charged us rent.

Feel free to swipe this topic for your own lazy blogging glory.


Churlita said...

Okay, now I'm hungry. I would love to travel to all those places to try them out.

Nice meme.

wreckless said...

I wish I could travel all around and hit these places. How do you get the traveling nurse gig? Help a wanna be explorer out will ya?
I would love the atmoshpere in Asia. The food in Mizzoula, and the name and new ice cream flavor in San Fran!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Another reason I need to move to the west go to San Fran for some garlicy deliciousness!

We use garlic in almost everything we make at home, too. Never thought to include it in desserts; might have to try it out;>

othurme said...

If you're coming to the SF area for garlic. Do it in the summer and come to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. The Stinkin' Rose is well represented there and then there is so much more in addition.

Killer said...

I remember driving through Gilroy once, when it was not the garlic festival, and being amazed at the strong garlic smell that permeates the town.

I all the world's garlic is grown in Gilroy.

laughingattheslut said...

Don't tell people that. Gilroy might be attacked by terrorists or something.

I have been to Mystic Pizza twice, which is a little weird since I live in Texas.

Also been to a place in Salem twice. I think it was called the Luna Cafe. They didn't buy an ad in the little tourist map, but they were right next door to someone who did, like the Lobster Pot or something like that, but they were way too expensive.

When we were in London we were going to eat at the Chinese restaurant mentioned in the Werewolves of London song, but again it seemed expensive, so we ended up eating next door, in the basement.

Sometimes the traveling gig is cool, and sometimes it isn't. You miss a lot of stuff while you're away.

dmarks said...

Killer, I've traced this one as far back as some blogger in Hong Kong.

Curiosity.Killer said...

Hi, the as far as hong kong blogger here. What's up?

Wow. Your list is really spread out. Thanks for playing -- it's cool to see all the places locals would recommend. I think they should come up with some meme for best hangouts or something like it.

I like the organic pizza joint. That's very west-coast, isn't it

velverse said...

Haha... You really cover a wide variety eh :)

The name The Stinking Rose is really unique. Sounds like interesting place.

By the way.. thanks for doing the meme.

Nicole Tan said...

I created this meme...Thanks so much for keeping this meme alive!! nicely many places! Me envy you so much