Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Update: Mississippi Edition

This weekend I am flying back home to Mississippi. It is a momentous occasion for numerous reasons.

-It will be the first time I've had more than twelve consecutive hours off work in over a month.

-I will be attending my Best Friends (Clib's) MFA graduate thesis art show. His final art work, for higher education's sake, and will also be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the World's Longest Print. (Just under 100 yards) Here is the Newspaper Coverage. If anyone is in the vicinity of Oxford, MS, here are the details for Friday night.

-I get to see the World's Greatest Nephew (claim under review by Guinness Book of World Records). For those keeping track here is the latest photo. Check out those guns. He is going to be a hoss like his Uncle Killer.-I am going to meet someone from the blogging world for the first time. Mel, from Mel O Drama, one of our ardent supporters, lives in Oxford, and is coming to the show.
I've never met a blog buddy before. What if real Killer is not up to expectations created by blog Killer? Will Mel expect all witty banter and ball talk. I am tingling with anticipation. Either from the excitement of meeting Mel or from too much Gold Bond Medicated Powder on the testes. Regardless, I am really enjoying the sensation.

So, as you can see, I have an action packed weekend planned, and my life is void of adventure right now I am posting about my weekend plans on Monday.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you ever met any blog buddies, or other Internet acquaintances?


mist1 said...

I had to buy new shoes when I met a blogger. Just in case.

Mel Francis said...

funnily enough, I've been wondering if you'll be disapointed in my lack of Drama. Maybe I can drum some up...

Friday will be fun! The Fishdog and I are pretty stoked.

Hmmm. New shoes. I'm always looking for an excuse to buy them...

fringes said...

I've met one blogger in person, but I have many phone relations.

chad said...

first of all, i'm very envious because i can't be there for my little brother's moment in the sun--i'm amazed by what he's done.
and check out the size of the head on baby kade!! much more suggestive of his relation to you than his guns. a beautiful picture nonetheless.
finally, mel, i'm a bit envious of you as well--killer-in-the-flesh never disappoints.

briliantdonkey said...

I haven't met any blog friends as of yet. I did meet a fellow onliner several years ago when I first discovered this whole online thing. She just showed up at work one night. She said 'surprise' I thought, "stalker".Tomayyyyto tomahhhto.


Roadchick said...

The only thing the 'chick knows about Oxford, MS is that there is a bar called Proud Larry's on South Lamar.

The only reason she knows that is because she bought a t-shirt at the Goodwill from Proud Larry's.

Apparently, though, it's a happening place.

Wavemancali said...

I have met 5 internet people in real life. I'm an online gamer. My wife and I took a vacation to South Carolina one year specifically to meet some of the people we gamed with. The next year we met another in Vegas.

All experiences turned out incredibly positive and the Vegas thing is now a yearly ritual.

dmarks said...

In recent years, I guess you could say I've met three Internetters. One counts as someone who blogs. Another used to blog, but stopped. I don't think the third one has ever blogged.

Two of them I met far away in places I had to go to anyway. The third I met just turning into a business located on a road along I travelled a lot.

And I have not been to Mississippi.

LC said...

I have met several bloggers and people from a forum I participate in.

I always look forward to meet new people.

One of my now best friends I met online.

I cannot imagine a day without talking to her now.

laughingattheslut said...

Want to guess who I met?

Restaurant service in Mississippi is bad. Not so much that the food is bad, but the people serving it don't have a clue. We bought the blue plate special someplace, and it is supposed to come with dessert. And we waited for the waitress to come back and refill our drinks and get our dessert order. Apparently there is not a choice of dessert with the special, but she didn't bring any at all. Finally she brought the check, and we reminded her that the special is supposed to come with dessert. So she's like, did you want the dessert? And then we were like just supposed to know to go and get it ourselves. It was just left out on the salad bar. Probably could just get some without ordering the special. Possibly could have got some without ordering anything. Not like anyone was paying attention.

Enjoy your trip.

dmarks said...
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Churlita said...

Two of the bloggers on my roll, just happen to be married and live a block away from me. I've hung-out with them a couple of times and they're awesome. the first meeting at a coffee shop felt weird for about a minute though.

Have fun this weekend.

Killer said...

That is awesome, Proud Larry's is a landmark in Oxford, and a kick ass place to hang out. I practically lived there while in college.

I was a waiter and a bartender in Mississippi for a long time. If you are eating someplace with a "blue plate special", the service is supposed to suck.

Chris said...

I can say that Kade is a good lookin' little man. He can't wait to see you this weekend, he will probably be willing to share his lunch with you!! I know you can not wait!!